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Below is our list of jobs for felons. This is always being updated to add and remove employers. Employers are removed from our felon friendly employer list frequently. The list we have is always changing. The hope is that ex-offenders seeking jobs with a felony will be able to find something here. If you’re an ex-offender looking for work, try some of the companies below. Let us know if you have any issues in a comment, and we’ll help the best we can. If this is your first time trying to find a job with a felony, I’ve written a guide for you to read. Just click here. This also goes for people having a hard time getting a job with a felony. Thanks for checking out our list of jobs for felons / felon friendly employment.

Please note that just because a company is listed here does not mean you have a 100% chance of landing the job. It’s not a list of jobs for felons you’ll definitely get.

We’d recommend checking out Snagajob for more local, smaller business opportunities. Signing up is totally free, but not mandatory to use their site. Having an account does make it quicker and easier to apply to jobs. You can also have job alerts sent to you email, which will let you know when new jobs that match your criteria are posted. There are a decent amount of jobs for felons which are more local than we have on here. Three people currently maintain this site. It would be impossible for us to maintain a list of local small businesses and local companies that are known to hire felons. Smaller businesses are a lot better at hiring people with criminal records.

Recently we came across Freedom 4 Felonz which is run by another ex-offender. It’s a great site if you’re looking to be your own boss. You can see more about them in our resources section.

We’d also suggest following us on Twitter @Exoffenders for live updates on this section and others. We always tweet when we update the jobs for felons section.

We have no affiliation with these employers. You have to go to their hiring website through the link to apply. Leaving a comment for the employer will not get to them.

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We’re more than just a jobs for felons list! Why not give our resources section as well as the state reentry & assistance sections a look? There might be some things in there that can help you as well.

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Jobs for Felons / Felon Friendly Employers List:

The jobs for felons / felon friendly employment list was last modified on 3/20/2014.

417 Responses to Jobs for Felons – Felon Friendly Employment

  1. Mrs.smiles... says:

    OMG Cant believe there is a site like this i felt so alone :)

  2. Hopefull says:

    Does anyone know if Oil Rigs Hire Felons? My husband was charged with aggravated assault in a self defense case. His sentence was knocked down a few years so he will be coming home soon. I am currently in Texas but we were looking to move back to GA/AL area. I figured id go ahead and look for job opportunities for him. I am so thankful to whoever made this site. It makes things a lot easier. Hopefully he will be able to find something, he is pretty bummed as he was a paralegal and now will no longer be able to work in that field.

  3. Amy says:

    I’ve called it home desperate for 20 years, I still shop there, and if you had actually read and comprehended my post, I was letting people know they had better than usual chance of getting hired. A win-win for the felon and company, not that your oh-so-constructive comment deserved any explanation from me. And your point was just to slam me like a bitch? What is your problem? Go troll somewhere else, I’m not interested. Dork.

  4. Ms. V-Real says:

    Its hard out here for a pimp. Gotta lie to kick it to make it in this Suckas world.
    I say apply, and don’t lie on your app if they ask. You don’t want to waste your time anyway if they run you. Besides you want to feel comfortable wherever you’re working, and do not tell any employees if there is a chance you can lose your job. People can’t hold secrets.
    Work hard, believe in your capabilities and above all pray. You only want to be where the Lord want you to be anyway. Stay real encouraged is my message, I know its hard out there. But eventually something is gonna give.

    • Jay Rollin says:

      Thanks for posting. I really needed to hear that right now as I have 2 interviews this morning. Getting turned down from minimum wage jobs is not a good feeling especially if your over qualified for the position. Something got to give.

      • Toni says:

        I definitely understand the feeling of being turned around from minimum wage jobs and being over qualified for the position

    • 15 years of "school" says:

      Thank you for the pick me up. I’ve been out now for 89 days after doing 15. I have a job but people are lame. they don’t realize that the past creates, it does NOT define. Stay up.

  5. Hector says:

    I read the list of companies that hire felons but how accurate is this list and what are the sources for this???? I mean has someone verified that these companies hire felons??? Anyone in Colorado that has had any luck finding employment with a felony???? comments would be appreciated. thank you…..

  6. Jessica says:

    Hello! I am so happy that I just found this site! It’s great to connect with others who are in the same boat as I am. I have a theft by deception charge (class A felony) and a forgery charge (class B felony). I committed the crime 5 yrs ago but was convicted of the crimes 4 yrs ago. I was 28 at the time and these charges are the only criminal record I have. I am blessed that I didnt serve jail time. I received a 12mo suspended sentence for 4 yrs and 2 yrs probabtion, which they let me off early (15mo) for good behavior. I also live in NH. As for getting your record expunged, for a class A felony (10 yrs), class B felonies (7 yrs). I am not sure about misdemeanor charges though. Contact the lawyer who represented you, your probation officer, or any criminal lawyer should be able to tell you. I’ve had 1 job since then and even worked with cash! BUT I knew the person who is head of their HR department, so she got me the job on good faith of peraonally knowing me. So I suggest that if a family member or someone you know really well, owns their own business or has the capability of getting you hired, try them first. I was laid off a couple years ago as the business I worked for closed. I decided to take time off to raise my two baby girls. Two years later, I am now here, looking for a decent job. I’m so insecure about my record and hope the next six years fly by so I can erase my record for good! Just sucks because my resume is GREAT. I’ve always advanced at my previous employers, have managerial experience, am proficient with computers, but hold this “theft by deception & forgery” charges. Not just “theft” but fricken “theft by DECEPTION” UGGGG. Best of luck to ya’ll!

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