Online Jobs for Felons – Working At Home

This section is our list of online jobs for felons. The telecommuting workforce is growing every year. Because of this, we thought it would be a good idea to have a section like this. We’ve separated it from our regular jobs for felons list because of the nature of the jobs. A lot of the companies listed here hire you as a 1099 worker. We’ll keep our online jobs for felons page updated with work at home opportunities as much as we can.

Our online jobs for felons list is just starting, so it’s still in the early stages. Because of this, we highly suggest researching companies here before you start working for them. I will research and validate each of these companies as soon as I can. Also, I’ve tried to initially screen out work at home companies that require background checks, but some of these listed below may NOT hire people with records. Like I said, it is in it’s early stages, and I need to continue to weed out companies.

Online Jobs for Felons – The Work at Home List

The Online Jobs for Felons page was last updated on 2/9/2014

2 Responses to Online Jobs for Felons – Working At Home

  1. Michelle D says:

    Convergys doesn’t hire people with a record per an HR person to me about a year ago in Lake Mary, FL. I was told not even after I was off probation could I be hired.

    • Disso says:

      Thanks for the info. After looking into it you seem absolutely right. Thanks for pointing this out to me :)
      They’ve been removed.

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