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2015 jobs and resources thubIt’s been too long since there’s been an update on Exoffenders, and I’m sorry for that. Between work and life responsibilities, I’ve barely had any free time to devote to the site. I’ve tried to work on what I could in the short amount of time I have lately, and there are a few updates to the site. Kansas and Maryland now have pages for reentry resources, and I hope returning citizens in those states will find them helpful. The jobs page has been updated as well, with about 10 new companies being added and some being removed. I’ll continue to use what time I get to continue to add new content to the site.

Kay, a long time contributor and friend has moved on from working on the site. She had an amazing career opportunity that she took, and won’t have the time required to actively maintain the site. We’re sad to see her go from the Exoffenders project, but are very happy she’s moving up in the world. She put an incredible amount of time and energy into maintaining this website, and her work has been helpful to so many.  Thank you Kay, for all you’ve done.

There isn’t much new information on our National Project for Change. Things are moving along well and we’re working with some great people who want to make a difference for ex-offenders in this country. We’ve learned a lot in the process, and hope that we can use that knowledge to better assist returning citizens.

We hope we can continue to provide and improve on our jobs and resources information in 2015. As always, the feedback on companies and other information provided by our users is invaluable. None of this would be possible without ex-offenders taking the time to share their experiences with us. Thank you for helping us improve this site.

The issue with the site not displaying/working properly today has been fixed. Sorry about that.

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  1. In Atlanta depending on your work experience there is a temp agency called Hire Dynamics and i think they also have other locations in other states however they specialize in working with convicted felons. If u cant travel always start with temp agencies that work with felons. Just always remember there is work out there companies get a nice tax write off yearly for employing convicted felons as well the ones who draw public assistance so dont give up. Happy New Year stay focused and may your higher power bring u prosperity and positive energy and people amoungst you and yours in 2016…….

  2. Do you have a St. Vincent organization in ur area? Sometimes they will furnish bus tickets to travel especially to move to find work. . They are volunteers and do not get paid for their work. When u visit them or speak to them be curteous and professional. These people do the work because they believe in the program to help people. It is a help program of the Catholic Church but they do not limit their help just to Catholics as they help anyone with a true need who is trying to better themselves. I would look for a large church as they will have more resources to help you with. Good luck and God Bless.

  3. Hey Everyone, I plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance and Tampering with a motor vehicle. The offense occurred on Dec 8th of 1997. I graduated at the top of my class from one of the top Universities in the world, I have 30 years experience in business management. I show up to work every day, I show up early, I stay late, I work as much overtime as they allow. I treat everyone I meet with dignity and respect. I take care of myself and am average good looking. They still won’t hire me! I have had to move to the greater Kansas City area in order to get a decent wage. I am currently working as a logistics coordinator through a temp agency for $14.50 an hour, at least they finally gave me a desk!. I took my first, half of a day off, yesterday to interview for a maintenance position, when I got to the interview I found out they lied to me, they were interviewing me for a machine operator position. I have devoted my life to being a better human being today, then I was yesterday and my Motto is “More life to all and less to none” I came to this site to meet like minded individuals and to find that success that we all have fought so hard for. We change the world, by changing ourselves, one day at a time! Thanks for listening, Rob

  4. Hello,

    This is SUCH a good website. You guys should consider adding Interview Like A Boss by Hans Van Nas. It’s hands down the best books for felons…super popular in my area. Thank you for this website, we need this.

  5. Hi! I haven’t been convicted yet, but my process is moving along. I also look forward to using this site once my case has been resolved. I think this is a great tool for Ex-Offenders and could offer a lot more services and resources. There should be more like it. I was shocked by the outdated posts. This site should be highly advertised. Thanks!

  6. Hello everyone,
    In regards to Sylvia’s comments, temp agencies are a good prospect if you are an ex-offender. Key point here is to make sure they know you are an ex-offender from the very beginning. I used to work for a temp agency and if someone didn’t mention they had a record and something came back on their background investigation, we could not work with them, in other words, everything stopped, right then and there, and you would be out the door looking for another place to assist you. I am not saying anyone would lie, not at all, but sometimes mistakes happen.
    My experience is with Arizona. If you are a Disabled Veteran, with a record, in AZ, check out your local Department of Economic Security Office (DES) and see the local Disabled Veterans Outreach Program specialist. Our funding is to assist any homeless or soon to be homeless vet, a vet with barriers to employment, or a VA connected/service connected vet find jobs and assist with resumes. If you don’t fit any of the above categories, see them anyway. If they are good, they will find a way to help you. Good luck to everyone. And thanks for this site. It will really help me help others.

  7. Thank you for providing this site for information to all. I am in Canada and trying to help a friend in Yuma, Az. who is hoping for parole next year. He’s been convicted of a violent crime 26 years ago but he is not a violent person nor a repeat offender. However this precludes options for him upon release. I go in circles trying to find resources in Az. It is one of the worst states for incarceration and on of the worst for lack of assistance to ex-felons esp. those in this particular classification.
    Thanks again. We need more folks like you doing good in the world for others!

  8. Contact your State Representative Karen Bass. Last year she held a welcome home evenr for returning citizens.

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