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I am extremely sorry for not having updated this blog in the past two years. I’ve recently been so involved in other projects that I honestly just haven’t checked on it very much. I checked today and realized that it’s actually become quite popular! I’ll be updating a lot of the information on this site, as some of it might be a tad outdated. Don’t worry tho, as I will be working constantly to update this. A lot of people have asked if they can use specific parts of this site for projects of theirs. I would ask that you would email me the details of that first before you did. You can contact me at

I ask that you are patient with me while I update everything on this site. I know that’s hard to do in the trying time you’re in, but I promise you it will be worth it.

Please continue to check this site regularly, as I will be constantly updating it over the next few weeks. Also, keep up with us on Twitter @exoffenders !

Check us out on Facebook too here!

Both will show up as “EXO Services” My thought for this was, it might be a little embarrassing for some people to be following or liking something with “Ex Offender” in the title. So I just shortened EX Offender to EXO. If you follow either of those, there might be more up-to-the-minute information on employment and services.

Also, if you have a strong computer skills and are looking for work, I might be able to use you. Please click here for more details!

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