April 2016 Exoffenders Update

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help for exoffenders

A lot of things have been updated in the past month. The jobs page has some new companies added to it, and some were removed based on the feedback we’ve received. As always, thank you very much for taking the time to submit those. It’s a great resource and helps us keep the site updated. There have been a other updates all around the site as some of the information wasn’t accurate in 2016. This includes the page with every state’s voting laws concerning ex-offenders. With the election this year, we wanted to make sure that was all accurate.

There’s a lot of stuff we want to add to the site and just don’t have the time to do. Because of that, we’re going to be bringing on 2 new people in the next couple of weeks. They’re both from Las Vegas and will be working on the reentry program as well. We’re really looking forward to ramping up the pace at which we deliver content on the site.

That’s about it for updates. As always, thank you all for your help with the feedback and information you send us. It’s an invaluable tool for keeping this site alive.

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  1. I’m a felon, but my last conviction & off paper was back in 2006. I’m here in Tennessee & recently in my search for an apartment I was told my felony (s) no longer affected my ability to rent, because Tennessee goes back 10 years & I’m not showing up on their search.
    My question: when searching for employment do I still need to check the felon box?

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