Don’t Forget to Vote

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dont forget to voteToday is election day in the country, and this is when we our voices can actually be heard. If you’re registered to vote, don’t forget to! We’ve had a lot of questions in emails and in comments about if people can vote with felonies. The answer depends on your state. You can find a full list of each state’s law regarding this in our Voting Section.  If you didn’t know you could vote, make sure you register to vote for the next election!

As for site updates, there’s been some minor changes to a few pages. There are about 10 new reentry programs added for various states. The local search engine has been updated again, and should be even better than before. We’ve had a lot of interest from people who want to contribute their knowledge to this site. A lot of them were advocates and lawyers, and should be a great source of information with what they write.

Thank you everyone for your emails and comments helping us keep this website up to date. Your information helps us maintain the site. Your personal experiences you share and your kind words give us the drive to keep at it.

So just remember, if you’re registered to vote, go do it!


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4 responses to “Don’t Forget to Vote”

  1. Shae Ervin-Fraser

    I reside in New Jersey and as soon as I got released, mail came to my house stating I could no longer vote. I think it’s ridiculous to take this right from me, I still have to pay taxes, I still have to follow the laws and basically reside as a U.S. citizen in every way besides the option to choose who my leaders are. It’s not fair at all, and in my opinion is an equality issue that should be looked into.

  2. valerie A kennedy

    Hello I belive we as felony should be able to vote, why not we have or are paying for are mistakes we are still apart of the human race i’m a felony and i’ve been voting as long as I can remember this is your/our right.We have many of our fore farthers died so they could have this rigth iets not give that up.

  3. Curtis Kane

    I voted and I live in New Jersey

  4. Shabaka M. Malawi, I

    Anyone who has been convicted of a felony in the state of Pennsylvania who is not currently incarcerated can vote at their respective polling places.

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