Jobs for Felons, Felon Friendly Employment

Below is our list of jobs for felons. This is always being updated to add and remove employers. Employers are added and removed from our felon friendly employer list frequently. The list we have is always changing. The hope is that ex-offenders seeking jobs with a felony will be able to find something here. If you’re an ex-offender looking for work, try some of the companies below. Let us know if you have any issues by contacting us. We will help the best we can. If this is your first time trying to find a job with a felony, I’ve written a guide for you to read. Just click here. This also goes for people having a hard time getting a job with a felony. Thanks for checking out our list of jobs for felons / felon friendly employment. Also, please note that just because a company is listed here does not mean you have a 100% chance of landing the job. It’s not a list of jobs for felons you’ll definitely get.

There is a book called Seven Steps to Becoming Employed by Mark Drevno that may be helpful as well. If you have a few bucks to spare, it’s worth picking up.

We recommend checking out Beyond’s Career Network for more local, smaller business opportunities. Signing up is totally free, but not mandatory to use their site. Having an account does make it quicker and easier to apply to jobs. You can also have job alerts sent to you email, which will let you know when new jobs that match your criteria are posted. There are a decent amount of jobs for felons which are more local than we have on here. Three people currently maintain this site. It would be impossible for us to maintain a list of local small businesses and local companies that are known to hire felons. Smaller businesses are a lot better at hiring people with criminal records.

We’d also suggest following us on Twitter @Exoffenders or Facebook for live updates on this section and others. We always tweet and post when we update the jobs for felons section.

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We have no affiliation with these companies. You have to go to their hiring website through the link to apply. Leaving a comment for the employer will not get to them.

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Jobs for Felons / Felon Friendly Employers List:

Ace Hardware
American Greetings
Apple Inc.
Avon Products
Bahama Breeze
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Best Western
Black & Decker
Braum’s Inc.
Buffalo Wild Wings
Cambell’s Soup
Carl’s Jr.
Carrier Corporation
Community Education Centers
ConAgra Foods
Dairy Queen
Dart Containers
Deer Park Spring Water co.
Delta Faucets
Dole Food Company
Dollar Tree
Divizio Industries
Dr. Pepper
Dunlop Tires
Dunkin’ Donuts
Eddie V’s
Embassy Suites
Family Dollar
Firestone Auto Care
Flying J
Food Services of America
Fruit of the Loom
General Electric
General Mills
Golden Corral
Great Clips
HH Gregg
Hilton Hotels
In-N-Out Burger
International Paper
Interstate Batteries
Jack in the Box
Jiffy Lube
Jimmy Johns
Kelly Moore Paints
Kraft Foods
Longhorn Steakhouse
Men’s Wearhouse
Metals USA
Miller Brewing Company
Olive Garden
Phillip Morris Inc.
Red Lobster
Red Robin
Republic Services
Restaurant Depot
Reyes Beverage Group
Ruby Tuesday
Salvation Army
Sara Lee
Seasons 52
Shell Oil
Trader Joes
Tyson Foods
US Foods
US Steel Corporation
Volunteers of America
WinCo Foods
Wyndham Hotels
Yard House

This page was last updated on 1/4/2016.

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  1. TravisL

    Hello everyone,
    I wanted to take the time to comment on the issue of finding a job with a criminal back ground.
    I myself am a convicted felon. Ive been convicted of 5 felonies in 4 seperate incidents. My record includes convictions for poss of controled substance with intent to distribute 4 times and one poss of a controlled substance felonie 3 in utah. Im 31 years old and spent six and a hafe years in usp. Its hard for me to explain why so many incidents and is hard to over look. After my last release In 2008. I took full advantage of voc rehab. The federal government has a program that will pay for your schooling, and assit with housing while in school. After graduating in 2010 they also payed for $4,000 in tools to assit in me being hired. I graduated in HVAC/R. While in school and opening my eyes to how stupid ive been and my poor decisions that lead me to prison. I really started to focuss on becoming a differenet person. Ive found that bye changing my apperance which is very hard because I did the prison tattoos and my attitude armed with the fact I completed school. Ive really had no issues finding work. Actually Ive been hired over people who dont have records at all. Just ask my brother in law! lol. So in my opion find the strenght and believe in yourself, and look into a program like vocational rehab.

    Good Luck,

    1. Michelle Bruner

      Thanks Travis for giving me some hope for my 19 year old who is currently in jail as I speak. I am a devastated mother. My son has a Felony for Theft . . from his Grandma. At this time .. he only has one … he now is in jail on a parole violation for leaving the state. He wasn’t thinking and crossed the state border to go to Cabelas with his girlfriend. Long story. . But I am devastated and thinking that his life is over for his bad decisions. But after reading your post .. . I do feel some better. Thank you!!! Good Luck to you!!!

    2. george

      hey my names george, ive been trying to get in school for HVAC/R i just got out an cant find a job becouse of my charge, bank robery. please help me out. whats that federal program about?

      1. Amanda

        Have you found any jobs yet because i have a felony for bank robbery and i am trying to find something but can’t. Any suggestions?

      2. Gary

        Same here, bank robbery charges. Since it’s considered a type of theft, Walmart and Goodwill won’t even hire me. I’ve been getting by on low-paying, part time jobs that often don’t last. I did the Culinary thing, but even that has limitations. My next move is to try and get on with the big hotels like Hilton, etc. Most of those make you do background check too. Tough. Whenever I can save some money, I’m just going to try the home-business thing.

      3. Brandon Gurule

        Federal Bonding
        A fidelity bond is provided to the employer free of charge and serves as an incentive to the company to hire a job applicant who is an ex-offender or has an at risk background in obtaining employment. It is a business insurance policy that protects the employer against financial loss due to theft, forgery, larceny or embezzlement caused by employee dishonesty.

        The Federal Bonding Program assists a job applicant in overcoming barriers to employment. It is a 6-month fidelity bond for applicants who are denied coverage by commercial carriers due to their at risk background provided through a partnership between the US Department of Labor and the McLaughlin Company.

        Contact your local workforce center for more information.

    3. Jamie


      Can you give me the information on where to apply from the federal government for the Vocational Rehab??

    4. christian moreno

      Wassup travis
      My name is chris i was incarcerated with you a few years back in lompoc….Anyways my brother i was also recently release from prison and been going to school got my ged and now going to college out here in southern california for mechanics in aviation….but still struggling in getting a job due to my background….

    5. Vickie Adwell

      After reading your comment TravisL ,posted on January 20,2012 at 7:52 pm, you gave me hope.My son is 23 years old,he is in prison for a year,then he will be on 6 months house arrest.He received a class c Felony.Has never been in trouble in his life.If I could talk to you personally or threw email, I would greatly appreciate you.He as some college,but I think a trade or what you are doing is a much better choice.He had always worked, even when he was going to college.That program sounds wonder full. He is a very smart and hard worker.I am putting my email on here so if you would or anyone else wants to get back with me please , please

    6. Joe

      I looked up the Voc Rehab thing… It says it’s for Vets. Are you a Vet? If so then okay, but if not, maybe I am missing something here. If there is something I am missing, maybe you can help me, I would love to take advantage of such a program. Please reply or e-mail I would greatly appreciate it. I took have a similar record to yours.

      1. Rob

        There are vocational rehab programs through each state; however, you have to have disabilities that are keeping you from working. There is no of a job but we can provide training. I will say that unfortunately at this time in the world, even with a clean record, employment is hard unless you know someone. “It is not what you know but who you know” Wish it were different but it remains true. Good luck.

      2. Yolanda

        Hi Joe Vocational Rehab is not just for Vets. I don’t have a felony and I am not a Vet and Vocational Rehab sent me to school and I got a job helping people get a job (people with and without felony) unfortunately the program has closed no funding but Vocational Rehab will help you go to the office

    7. michael

      That’s a great inspiring story. Hey could someone tell me where I could get hired. My name is Michael ,I am 36 and I have an arson on my background that will haunt me for the rest of my life. It happened in june of 05 and it still crushes my chances every where I go. I’ve landed many many good paying jobs but when they do the background check, It just KILLS it. Need some serious HELP!! I have all kinds of expirience in warehouse but I would love to obtain a real career in my life. Something I can feel proud of ya know…….

    8. Rob Dee

      Hey Travis, can you tell me how you got help? I just got out after a year and have an extensive criminal history. I’m going to see if the military will take me next week. If not I really need help trying to find employment. I’ve had warrants for half decade and just took care of my shit. Your help would be appreciated.

    9. Jaclyn

      Thank you for the information you are providing. My brother is a felon and will be released in a few months and I am trying to do everything I can to help make his transition into civilian world that much easier. If you have any other advice for me, it would be much appreciated! Thank you again for what you are doing!

  2. darryn

    aww if this list is accurate it would be a life saver i have a felony and it never bothered me for years untill i got a family and nowe i cant even do telemarketing!

    1. kelly

      I personally worked at a job where I myself helped drug addicts get off addiction, in the Human Resource Division and the pay was well worth it. They even assisted me on getting a collage degree in the field.

      1. Stephanie kent

        How did you get this and did they check your record? This is what I actually want to do as a career so if I can find a way to do it get the education and get paid doing it that would be awesome.

      2. Carrie

        I think to link all these links are soooo positive. I just came home from a pardon hearing I was denied. This is a very hard hit to me. I need positive influences to put my energy.

      1. shelly

        Its 7 years, I’m actually in the process of waiting for mine to return, I applied at savers and got my offer via email that same day of interview for a front end supervisor we just have to wait for corporate to contact the store manger to proceed. I guess for anything to do with having key to the store they will to do a background check. Which Savers only checks SSN validation, local court records & Criminal records that are local

      2. Scott

        Dianne I’m dealing with a conviction that dates back to 1983 and “legal” or not it is used against me. I’m not being a pessimist but these lists, although I’m happy someone takes the time to make them, aren’t always accurate. My suggestion is just keep putting in apps and resumes. My thought is that eventually some one wont care if I’m a felon but rather I’m qualified for the job.

      3. Tim

        A dishwasher job asked if I had a felony for last 10 years. Sure it varies by company. Temp agencies can be a help in finding work.

      4. Rn

        Some go back 7-10 years, but even if you are passed that they still seem to not hire,all seem to be doing background checks n matter what the time frame. I still keep searching reguardless.

    2. Val Medina

      I have been out only 6 weeks however, have been turned down due to background check. Are you sure someone will give me a chance? I am from Northern Colorado so if anyone can help a girl out I would SO appreciate it!!

    3. Christine

      I applied for a job with Walgreens took drug test it has been a week and I haven’t heard back just waiting on background check to come back I have 3 mistameaners and the manager said as long as I don’t have a violent crime I will be good. Does anyone know how long it takes for the background check to come back it has been 5 business days!!

      1. Post

        Congratulations from the team on the possible job prospect! In regards to your question about how long a background check takes to come back, there’s really no easy answer to that. Some companies, such as Lexus Nexis can be quite quick. Others, on the other hand, could take an eternity. I would recommend calling Walgreen’s if you don’t hear anything in the next 2 – 3 business days. Not only may you get some type of an answer about your background check, but it also shows that you’re serious about wanting to work there. Things like that look good to employers. Best of luck, and let us know how it goes!

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