Jobs for Felons, Felon Friendly Employment

Below is our list of jobs for felons. This is always being updated to add and remove employers. Employers are added and removed from our felon friendly employer list frequently. The list we have is always changing. The hope is that ex-offenders seeking jobs with a felony will be able to find something here. If you’re an ex-offender looking for work, try some of the companies below.


Let us know if you have any issues by contacting us. We will help the best we can. If this is your first time trying to find a job with a felony, I’ve written a guide for you to read. Just click here. This also goes for people having a hard time getting a job with a felony. Thanks for checking out our list of jobs for felons / felon friendly employment. Also, please note that just because a company is listed here does not mean you have a 100% chance of landing the job. It’s not a list of jobs for felons you’ll definitely get.

There is a book called Grit: How to Get a Job and Build a Career with a Criminal Record. We highly recommend picking it up if you have the money to spare, it’s an invaluable resource and extremely helpful.

jobs for felons felony friendly employers

A – C

Ace Hardware
Advance Auto Parts
American Greetings
Apple Inc.
Avon Products
Bahama Breeze
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Best Western
Black & Decker
Braum’s Inc.
Buffalo Wild Wings
Cambell’s Soup
Carl’s Jr.
Carrier Corporation
ConAgra Foods

D – G

Dairy Queen
Dart Containers
Deer Park Spring Water co.
Delta Faucets
Dole Food Company
Dollar Tree
Divizio Industries
Dr. Pepper
Dunlop Tires
Dunkin’ Donuts
Eddie V’s
Einstein Bros.
Embassy Suites
Firestone Auto Care
Flying J
Food Services of America
Foot Locker
Fruit of the Loom
General Electric
General Mills
General Motors
Golden Corral
Great Clips

H – N

Harris Teeter
Holiday Inn
In-N-Out Burger
International Paper
Interstate Batteries
Jack in the Box
Jiffy Lube
Jimmy Johns
Kelly Moore Paints
Kraft Foods
Labatt Food Services
Longhorn Steakhouse
Men’s Wearhouse
Metals USA
Miller Brewing Company

O – S

Olive Garden
Papa Johns
Phillip Morris Inc.
RC Willey
Red Lobster
Red Robin
Republic Services
Restaurant Depot
Reyes Beverage Group
Ruby Tuesday
Salvation Army
Sara Lee
Seasons 52
Shell Oil
Smash Burger
Sonic Drive-In

T – Z

Trader Joes
Tyson Foods
US Foods
US Steel Corporation
Volunteers of America
Waste Connections
WinCo Foods
Wyndham Hotels
Yard House

There are a decent amount of jobs for felons which are more local than we have on here. Three people currently maintain this site. It would be impossible for us to maintain a list of local small businesses and local companies that are known to hire felons. Smaller businesses are a lot better at hiring people with criminal records.

To find more companies that are more local, we recommend using Indeed. It’s a great tool for things that are local to your area. Best of all, it’s free to use. It can even build a resume for you which is pretty useful.

We’d also suggest following us on Twitter @Exoffenders or Facebook for live updates on this section and others. We always tweet and post when we update the jobs for felons section.

We have no affiliation with these companies. You have to go to their hiring website through the link to apply. Leaving a comment for the employer will not get to them.

This page was last updated on 7/31/2018

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  1. hello i was in your situation many years ago and i had to work in construction for a long time. I finally got a job working overseas because of my degree in international business.
    to be honest if you can gain some experience in business by doing internship but not with a big company but go around and ask who is willing to give you an internship and go from there. and if you can learn another language because it will help you.
    for me it seems that if you have an international business or international studies degree and know another language they tend to look at your experience and knowledge than your background. but i know it is not for everybody but for me i studied international business/studies and i know 4 other languages and my personality and charm got me the job with a major advertising company in europe and they paid for my plane ticket and lodging to go train… good luck to you and never give up.

  2. Does any place out there hire sex offenders? I have a neighbor who can’t get a job and he is making me crazy offering to do odd jobs for money. I feel for him, but can’t afford a dependent. I am in Illinois.

  3. Anyone in Arkansas? It’s almost impossible to get employment as a felon in this state. I have 2 degrees and several certifications and can’t use any of them.

  4. I have a assault I’m the 1st degree charge dropped to a assault in the 2nd degree charge, a D felony. I have an associates in accounting and business administration. Also, I’m currently in my junior year of school working towards a bachelor’s in accounting. I have applied for a pardon and got denied because of “the seriousness of the offense” and “not enough time has passed”. I search for jobs and have been offered positions but after the background check is complete, they rescind. Can i seal my record or something that will help me gain employment? I live in Connecticut any advice would be appreciated

  5. Hi I live in chicago my boyfriend is having a tough time finding employment he has a drug offense he is a hard worker he currently works with his uncle remodeling apartments he is not satisfied uncle doesn’t pay him we really need helpit is devastating for him where can we go

  6. Post

    Hi there,

    Sorry you’re having issues, and I think it’s great that you want to work with ex-offenders, it’s a very rewarding field. Where are you located, I’ll see what I can dig up for you. I’ll be up all night finding more things for this site so just let me know and I’ll see what I can find for you.

  7. Hello,
    I am a 33 yr old female who was unrighteously charged with THEFT IN OFFICE. I fought the case with all my power but somehow the prosecution twisted and turned my innocent intentions into something negative.
    I spent 6 months in prison, all this was 1 yr ago and I am currently looking for employment.
    I have a Masters degree in forensic Psychology/ Criminal Justice and I still cant seem to find a ob.
    I would love to be some sort of victims liaison or working with ex offenders as a counselor but I cant seem to find anything! Ive sent resumes out everywhere.
    Can someone please, please, please give me advice as to what else or where else I should be looking?
    Any suggestions would be so appreciated. :-)

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