Felon Assistance Programs for Ohio and Kentucky

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Felon assistance programs as well as reentry programs in Ohio and Kentucky are now live. We’ve been working very hard the past week to get everything on this site updated and working properly. The jobs for felons / felon friendly employment list has been updated, and now we’re moving on to our big project of felon assistance programs. We’re trying to get this added as soon as we can, but understand that it might not be fast enough for someone in need of help right now. Because of this, if your state doesn’t have any felon assistance programs listed on it, please contact us here. You can leave a comment here and we’ll make it our try to get your state ready. Also,  you can also tweet at us @exoffenders with what state you need help with. We use Twitter whenever there are new updates on the site like the felon assistance programs. Please follow us for new information if you have a Twitter account. Not only will it help us reach more of an audience, but it will keep you updated!

We’ve also started a new section called “Resources” where there are links to websites you may find helpful. We were working on the state assistance links and were getting so angry at how much terrible information and BS there is out there for ex-offenders that we stopped for the night and started with adding other helpful resource sites. We’ll start back up on the state assistance when we get home from work!

One thing we would like to say is we’re really happy you found us. After looking for programs online to help our audience better, we’ve realized a few things. The first is that there are a lot of sites that don’t have much help for you on it. These sites are usually filled with ads and don’t have much actual content. The sad part is, the internet is filled with them. We’re actually trying to help you in your journey, not try to profit off your misfortune.


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  1. Thanks for creating that resource list. Most of the things listed on there I never would have even thought to look for. After checking some of them out I think they’re going to be really useful. Thank so much for this entire site, it’s really starting to come together well.

  2. I LOVE your website! I currently work providing assessments and referrals for people on probation and/or post release for substance abuse/mental health problems and employment is the biggest problem. I have recently been hitting local businesses providing information about the available Tax Credit and Federal Bonding program, to hopefully help 1 person find a job. It hasn’t been working very well. When I get some time today, I am going to scour this site…thank you! If I can be any assistance to helping y’all with state resources, let me know. I am in North Carolina but I will help with all the states. Education and employment are two HUGE factors if someone stays out

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