GRIT – How to Get a Job and Build a Career

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grit how to build a careerBefore we get to the main part of this post, here are a few quick updates on our website. We’ve received your feedback on companies, and the jobs page and companies pages have been updated to reflect those. There have also been new additions to a lot of the state reentry resources. Lastly, the local job search engine has been broken for a while. We’re working on fixing it and getting it back up and running. We will give an update on that when it’s ready to go again. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

This update is centered around an ex-offender who has turned his life around.  He’s written a book as well as building a website to help people with a criminal record. He also wrote a little bit about himself and what he’s working on, which you can find below.

GRIT: How to Get a Job and Build a Career with a Criminal Record


Harley Blakeman had a very tough life from age fourteen to twenty-five – losing his father, battling drug addiction, homelessness, going to prison for selling drugs and trying to get a job and build a career with a criminal record. Now, Harley has a career as an Operations Manager and works in his community to increase offenders’ chances of finding employment after their release.

In this first of its kind account, convicted felon and corporate operations manager Harley Blakeman tells of his run with drug addiction and incarceration. After completing a 14-month prison sentence and moving to a new city, he faced the same painfully challenging task that millions of other Americans are facing today – getting a job and building a career with a criminal record.

Drawing from five years of powerful experience following his release, Harley has simplified the best methods for overcoming a criminal record. The examples and advice given can be easily understood and applied by anyone, regardless of skill set or education. He also provides sure fire ways to get quick wins as well as long term tried and true methods to grow your career.


1) Introduction
2) My Criminal Record
3) Survival Checklist
4) Are You Ready?
5) Preparing for the Job Search.
6) Explaining Your Record in the Interview
7) Interviewing Done Right
8) Continuous Improvement
9) Network Equals Net Worth
10) Your Life Story and Legacy

The book will be available for purchase both on my website and on the second week of April, 2017. It is completely up to you if you want to mention the website that the book references ( The website will have a data map with local resources for every major city in the country as well as a video library with helpful content.


To find this book on Amazon, go here:
Grit: How to Get a Job and Build a Career with a Criminal Record
The website which the book references is:
( Harley Blakeman/ 25 years of age / Columbus, Ohio / )

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6 responses to “GRIT – How to Get a Job and Build a Career”

  1. Patrick Alexander Lewis

    Job search seeking employment.

  2. Frank

    For so long ex offenders have had to tough it out because there was no kind of support in place for those who has made changes in their lives.I do not know much about this program, but any type of encouragement is much needed and appreciated. Thanks Frank.

  3. I would like get this book for my brother.. Can you please tell me the name? Thank you!

  4. Nicole Drazin

    What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it! I’m hoping to read it and share with my job seekers who have records.

  5. I can relate to this I’m going through the same ordeal. I made drastic changes and made commitments to do the right thing but society isn’t accepting my hopes and wishes. This is what makes people go back to the old man and their past. The frustration alone takes away your desire to continue on,on a disappointed journey. Jesus is my faith who allows me to continue in hopes that I will have a break through. I applaud you on your overcommings and support. You’re an inspiration to us felons. Thanks.

  6. Troy

    I cant wait to read the book, his story and mine are almost mirror reflections of ‘ be another. Not knowing his advise yet, my advice for the returning and reborn citizen is
    1 ( make sure you are ready for an extreme life change.
    2 ( the only true friends from your old life was beside you doing time with you. (Please note that you didn’t see any of them when you looked around)
    3 ( the best way I found of gaining employment is showing up at the place your applying to every morning before they open and greeting everyone as they show up for work with a brief and positive message. It may sound wierd, but that either get tired of seeing you, or feel compationate for you and offer to put you to work. Either way you for a job and that is the main objective.

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