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Happy Holidays

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placeholder altWe’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday this season. We’ve added a few more jobs to our job list, and are still working on other parts of the site. This will be our last update until the new year, as we’re out of state with our family. If you are trying to get in contact with us, we most likely won’t respond until January.


The new year will bring a big change to this website. It’s something we’ve been working on for a while now and it’s about halfway done. When this was initially launched in 2011, the goal was to have different sections for each state (for jobs and for assistance.) We’re happy to say that we’re very close to that goal. Through a lot of research and networking, we will have a pretty comprehensive list for each state.


Once again, we wish you a happy holiday, and hope that we can continue to help you in the new year.

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  2. I do not know how to send a private email to the developer of this site but I went to my local unemplyment office today in California, and here is a list of companies that hire felons.

    Carls jr
    Express Services
    Burger King
    Penney Saver
    Jack in the Box
    Salvation Army
    Trader Joes
    In-n-out Burger
    Labor Ready
    toys r us
    Exact Staffing

    they also said to go online and type in the WOTC employers tax credits and it should list more employers.

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