Happy New Year from Exoffenders

Hi Everyone. We haven’t made a post on this site for a while now. We have mostly been updating and improving the site, as well as working on some new things. A lot of those things will be going live next week on Wednesday the 17th. The site will be offline at 10PM PST. We hope to have it back up by midnight. This update will include a new feature on Exoffenders, which is a job board where you can connect with second chance employers.

These employers will be able to post jobs on the board, and you can apply for them from the board. You won’t need to create an account to do this, but it will make it easier. It will be very easy to use as well, so even if you’re not very tech savvy it won’t be a problem. Other than that, there are some links on the site that don’t go to the right resources. That will all be fixed when on the 17th as well, if not before.

Last, we will be switching our mailing platform to a different service. So if you would like to continue to receive these updates, there will be a new link to enter your email in.

So again, happy new year from Exoffenders. We hope that this is your best year yet!






22 responses to “Happy New Year from Exoffenders”

  1. Patrice Davis

    I am doing some volunteer work to get some homeless people off the street and into jobs and homes and felt the information you provide here is very helpful. Thank you and I’m looking forward to the new you!

  2. Shelby Henderson

    NIce!! I like the Second Chance employment Job List. We need more Hands on assistance.

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