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help for exoffendersWe’re very sorry for the lack of updates the past few months. We’ve been busy both relocating and working on a reentry program. To help out with the day to day operations of the site and help with our workload, we’re going to be hiring a few new people. Hopefully we can start catching up on everything that we’re falling behind on and continue to help exoffenders in 2016.

For site updates, the jobs page has had a few updates to it with some companies added and a few removed. The local job search engine has also been worked on a lot. It shouldn’t be as slow as it has in the past. The results that it shows should be a little bit better than they were previously as well. There’s been a lot of work done to the way it filters out job listings. If you run into any issues or errors, please let us know on the bug form located on the local jobs page.

As for what we’ve been up to, we’ve been working on getting a reentry program started up here in Las Vegas. Things are going pretty slowly at the moment, but we’re trying to get it up and running as quickly as possible. We plan to focus mainly on vocational training, job placement, and life skills. While there will be other services that offer help to ex-offenders, these three areas are what we feel to be the most important.

That’s really all the news we have at the moment. As always, we’d like to thank you for your feedback on companies that you submit. It’s greatly appreciated.

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  1. WOW thank you JUNE !
    i didnt find anything for Allison, but im now joined up with Code Academy and learning Java. I was hoping they had C# as im trying to learn it already but java was on my list to learn as well ! thank you much for this info!

  2. I disagree with the statement about felons and college degrees. The only felons that don’t receive federal financial aid are those with drug convictions and I don’t think they even have to be felony drug convictions. I have a Class 2 Theft on my record and I am finishing my final year of my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (to build a re-entry program for my area). However, it is difficult to apply a degree in some areas, because the record can prevent licencing or professional certification. In which case one will have to be creative and determined in order to apply the degree (as in my case).

  3. My husband has multiple felonies, and although it was very difficult in the beginning there are many positions available for people with records. Please do not be discouraged, my husband was encouraged to start his own business as a distributer for a few companies. In which he is about to do. If anyone would like a list of distribution companies let me know!!

  4. Hi. My name is John D. I was released from prison 10 months ago and now I live with a record that haunts the crap out of me. I want to thank this website and all that have helped to build it. Through this website I have been able to locate and work for three companies. (KFC, Golden Corral, Burger King.) I am looking for better more professional work now. But, it has definitively helped me move up in the world. I went from sleeping under bridges in my own hometown. To being able to donate, volunteer, and help. Proudly, I am now married since my release and am well on my way to having a much better life. So, if nothing else, please, all other felons…. YOU can make it happen. Just make that decision. Thank you

  5. I understand your frustration and despair, as I too am saddled with a felony conviction in my background. Sadly I don’t have any words of comfort to offer you other than keep trying you will get a job sooner or later (hopefully sooner :) Be sure utilize the network of associates you accumulated over the years, including family and friends to see if someone you know knows someone who might be hiring.

    Your offense was a DUI, most people don’t view that as being as bad as a sex offense, or worse. So each time you’re knocked down by a rejections just pick yourself up and follow the next lead, and no more STUPID TALK about ending things!

  6. Watch out for those private schools claiming to be vocational. The state runs the vocational schools where you as a felon can get help in paying for it. And the price is lot cheaper at the real vocational schools. Every state has state vocational schools at least in my state they exist.

  7. All states have training for jobs through their vocational programs. The employment offices in each state is where you go for info on this. They are not supposed to discriminate against felons. The jobs programs train you for a job within 2 years. It is not a university degree. Jobs is the keyword. They will only pay for education training for those jobs for which the labor force is in short supply. It is up to u to seek out the programs for they don’t come to you. I am not a felon but my son is and both us are getting through the program in GA. There is lots of paperwork and deadlines to meet. Very strict on these. To me it is well worth jumping through the hoops. Of course once you are a felon, any dream of getting a degree is down the tubes for federal doesn’t give money to felons for college degrees. But you can get a good job through these programs. If you are a good student they will refer you at the top of your class for jobs. Not bragging but I was one of top in my class. I had a job interview through the school the day I finished. I went to work the next day literally. I am now making 17.00 an hour. For some that is not much but for me it means I feed my family and have a little left over.

  8. I recommend taking free online courses- coding and many different topics, etc. web sites: Allison, CodeAcademy, etc. These courses can prepare you for jobs.

  9. A simple thank you for all of your time and efforts that you’re conducting to help our country’s ex-offenders, in so many aspects , which will allow them in becoming accepted & productive citizens once again ! ☺

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