Job Skills Training for Felons

Currently, our free job skill training only offers lessons in building a website. This may change in the very near future. We’ve been contacted by a few other people who would like to create lessons on other skills. At the moment we’re unsure when, or if, these will be added.

For right now, there are classes on building a website. These lessons start from square one, and you don’t need any experience with websites to learn. The goal is that by the end of the lessons, you’ll be able to take this knowledge and make a profit from it. If you have any questions or need clarification on something in a lesson, please use the comments at the bottom of the lessons page. The lesson’s comments will serve as a temporary discussion board until the actual board is running again.


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Building a Website, Lesson 1.

Building a Website, Lesson 2.

Building a Website, Lesson 3.

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  1. Hello! I too am a convicted FELON UGGG. I committed my crime 5 yrs ago but was convicted 4 yrs ago (theft by deception class A felony & forgery class B felony). I too was a professional and worked my tail off, climbed the ladder to a manager position at the credit union I worked for. I was making $45K at 27 yrs old and this company was AMAZING! I got caught up in opioids and completely ruined my life/career. Everyone at my work and evwryone who knows me, was completely shocked that I stole from a members account. I never had a criminal record before and am back to the old me, before drugs. So many people are judgemental but I’ve learned that I don’t have time for people like that in my life. To be honest, I too used to be one of tbose judgemental people. After I was fired from my job and starting my journey through the legal system, I took my lawyers advice and got myself clean. I attended NA and met so many AMAZING people who were once in the same shoes as I was. They all had what I wanted; sobriety, career, and smiles on their faces. They told me it would be tough and obstacles in the way but its your life SO DON’T GIVE UP. PROVE THOSE HATERS WRONG. So my genuine advice is; find a positive support group, find resources (such as websites like this or others, contact your local dept of health/human services. I live in NH and had to apply for assistance as I am out of work. NH DHHS connected me with a career advisor who I was completley honest with and is helping me with my options. Definiteley go back to school if you can. Maybe start your own business so you can be your own boss and one day give back to your community by helping people out like us. Best of luck!

  2. To whom it may concern,

    I am definitely interested in the job training for web design. Please contact me at your earliest to further discuss this wonderful opportunity.

    Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.

  3. Greetings, I am interested in learning more about web graphic classes and how I can find a job being a felon and make good money to be the man of the house like the Bible instructs me to me. Being a young man I walked down a path that I should have not being that I am 37 years old now I am still being judged for my terrible mistakes.

  4. Good day,

    I work with Wake County youth between the ages of 17 and 21 with various obstacles; one of which is a background. Many of them are working on their GED and job search. I know that the nature of the charges will determine if they can work for the company. Can you provide some advice for me that I can better service my youth in trying to gain self-sufficiency. Thanks so much!

  5. Franky, get back in school. I understand your peers don’t think much of it but it ain’t their life, man. If nothing else, finishing school and getting the degree shows you were smart enough to do it and determined enough to finish. And you might want to reconsider who you have as peers. People around you should be pushing you up, not dragging you down.

  6. Hello my name is Franky. I’m 25 years old and I also have a felony conviction I was arrested at 15 years old due to the nature of my previous mistake, I was charged as an adult . I a am 25 now and totally lost. I attempted online business school in 2009 but was discouraged by my peers because of my existing felony conviction. So I withdrew. I have had several low end jobs and reguardless I am grateful, however I feel like something has to give I can’t sustain myself or be self sufficient an burger king. I just need guidance,positive reinforcement and someone with common ground to help me anyway possible. I look forward to any kind of feedback thank you I love the site by the way you all ate doing a good thing. You give people like me hope

  7. Before my conviction in 2009 I was a proffessional. I worked @ the University of Minnasota Fairview with the job of my dreams. Now, 5 years later i’m working at the dollar tree and its the most unproffessional degrating job ive ever had. the manager treats me like a criminal and i hate it. All i want in life now is a great job with stability & some peace of mind finacially instead of this crap minimum wage that doesnt pay for anything. i need recources for a good job. I made 1 mistake & am paying for it the rest of my life. my conviction was from my family so it ruined my life & ruined my family ties with my parents. I want to go back to school but i dont even know where to begin or what to even go back to school for that would give me a future. Advice…..? PLEASE

  8. Post
  9. Im an exfelon and its hard to find a job. i finish high school but thats not enough when your background is all screwed up. I think this web site will help me now and in the the future on things i need to get back right.

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