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Everyday, we get inquiries about local jobs for felons. A lot of people are looking for information regarding their local area. As much as we’d love to have the answers to this, we don’t. Creating a list of companies, and maintaining it, for every place in the United States would be impossible for us to do. We think we have a solution to the local jobs for felons problem.

When this site was started in 2011, we tried to add larger companies to our list. The idea behind this was that if we listed larger, national chains on our list, it would help more people. Obviously a company in Birmingham, Alabama wouldn’t be helpful to someone living in Newark, New Jersey. Because of this, we moved away from the idea of creating a local jobs for felons list. Having a list for each state has always been something we’ve wanted to do. We just don’t think it’s possible for us to do right now.

We still do want to help you with a listing of local jobs for felons. It’s accurate to say that a convicted felon has a higher chance of finding employment with a smaller company. Local companies are just a really great place to start looking for work. So we have a solution to address this problem. The first part of the solution in the process of being added to the site right now. It should be up and running within a day or two. We’ll be implementing a local jobs for felons type of search engine using an affiliate. We think this will be a great help to our audience.

There are other parts to our local jobs for felons solution that we will be implementing over time. We’ll be posting updates about this often on this site, as well as Twitter.

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  1. Well the duration of time matters, what you need to do is get proof that your dismissed conviction IS popping up when a background check shows up, then speak with a lawyer to see what can be done especially in an innocence case – either way there might be a lawsuit since the state/fed.’s are causing you harm by slander (don’t quote me on this, try to research. Only you know your case and situation)

  2. Ok what if your charge was dismissed..including those who are falsely accused… But your told it pops up on background check how do u suggest n where to go without having to share private info? Karen

  3. For all ex convicts i am so an ex convict ups hire us walmart hire us all local chicken processing plants hire us golden corral hire us macys hire us so look it up and i promise you will get a job

  4. That is so true Steve, I was turned down by Sam’s Club do to my background, I had two interviews and a drug test I past everything, (not the background though) but the funny thing about it is I was informed by a manager that they don’t hire felony theft which I was cool with because I was not charge with that type of felony. So a lot of theses corporate companies are funny when it comes to hiring ex-felons.

  5. No matter how hard you try, it will be very difficult to develop a comprehensive list either national or local. Some companies do delegate the hiring responsibility to regional or district managers which explains why a company that you have listed as felon friendly may not hire felons in some specific locale. You have the opposite situation in that some companies that supposedly do not hire felons will hire felons in a specific region. That is why your bloggers will go back and forth on some of the companies that you list as felon friendly. You will note that a frustrated job seeker will blog that a company on your felon friendly list did not hire them due to a background check. It is “every man for himself” in this endeavor and a job seeker must avoid discouragement in this process. Very, very, small businesses are still the best lake to fish in because you can appeal directly to the owner-the person that makes that hiring decision and usually does not abide by some objective rule that dictates “no misdemeanors, no felonies”. It is also the difference between conducting your job search proactively, or reactively. Do you pick the companies that you want to work for and make a pitch to them directly, or do you just fill out applications and wait by the TV to see if they want you? You must conduct your job search proactively, persistently, and positively. If you have honestly done all that you can to job search and it still hasn’t worked out, there is always the possibility of selling your services directly to the public-we call that entrepreneurship.

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