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local jobs thumbLocal jobs for ex-offenders is something that we’ve been trying to work on for a while here. It’s actually something we’ve been trying to add since the site was started back up last year. The problem with having a local jobs section on ex-offenders is the massive amount of manpower it would have required. At least, that’s what we thought. This no longer seems to be the case, and a local jobs section will be launching within the next day or so. The local jobs section is part of Exoffenders 2.0 and is the main reason that hasn’t launched yet. As mentioned in the last update on our blog, it kept crashing the website when it was being brought online.

Things to Understand about the Local Jobs Section

A few things about the local jobs search that you should understand. It’s currently in Beta Testing. This means that some things might not work correctly and, if possible, should be reported using a bug report form. This will be explained in detail in a YouTube video as well as on the local jobs section, and will be added at the same time.

The local jobs section is not perfect. It will be constantly improved upon, but in order to do this we need to open the site up to the public. With usage and feedback, we will be able to work on the code of the local jobs search.

The last but most important thing to understand is that, unless otherwise noted, the local jobs are not posted on Exoffenders.net. What the local jobs section does is take listings from various search engines and run them through a complex filtering algorithm. It will, hopefully, be able to filter out jobs that will most likely (or most definitely) not be available to ex-offenders. There will also be listings from companies that posted the job listings themselves on our website. These listings will be labeled as such and easy to identify. They will also always be at the top of the page. Erik is going to create a YouTube video tutorial on how to use the site. It will also cover how it works in a little bit more detail. For the most part, it’s very easy. Just type in the type of work you’re looking for and your location (zip code, city & state, etc.) and you’ll see job listings.

The site can be found by clicking the here or using the local jobs tab on the menu bar.

This blog post will be updated with videos and links to everything once it is up and running.

Other Updates

First, in regards to the rest of the Exoffenders 2.0 launch. This will be coming in bits and pieces over the next week or so. With the problems the local job search engine had, nearly everything had to be reworked and re-coded. We’re very sorry for the delay in this, and have been working very hard on getting it fixed and ready to go.

The National Project for Change is moving forward quite well. A few candidates from the areas we were looking in have been found, but we’re still looking for a couple more. We would like to thank everyone for their interest in this, and appreciate the amazing feedback we’ve received. The amount of people who stood up to help with this was incredible. We now have involvement from agencies and individuals in over 40 states. Alone our voice is silent, but united we can and will be heard. Also, there were quite a few emails we received asking how to donate money to this. We’re extremely thankful for these offers, but as of now are 100% fully funded. Please donate money to local agencies and programs that serve ex-offenders if you want to make a financial contribution to help. This will help these agencies with so many things, like local jobs placement and assistance for ex-offenders.

Wrapping Things Up

That’s about all for our update, and we thank you for taking the time to read it. We’ll have everything updated and ready to roll very soon. The local jobs section will have it’s own tab as well as links throughout the site. This is for it to be as accessible as possible to everyone. Thanks again for reading!







8 responses to “Local Jobs, Updates, and Other Information”

  1. Noel Jacobs

    I pray that everyone that’s on this website finds a job including myself . . Just thought I’d bring a bit of hope to myself as well as others! I’ve been searching since July for a job everyday! Nothing yet hopefully I’ll find a job on here.. Thanks for everyone who’s helping felons..

  2. Matthew Whitesinger

    It’s good to know that there is this site for some help with changing for the better. No need to go back to the dark side when i got my family to support and this site helps me with becoming financially stable

  3. Joe kirkland

    Good to know about this site never heard of it before. Hopefully it helps me out. Really need u no. Don’t want to go back to my old life

  4. Denny Davis

    I had been released a month ago. I’ve tried everything with no luck, so l’m anxious to give this site a try. Thanks!

  5. Rick

    Thanks for this website.

  6. gerald evans

    Thanks alot again

  7. gerald evans

    Maybe now I can give back to my family who has suffered for 8 years because of my stupid mistake in 2006 when I took a police cruiser for a joyride while intoxicated, haven’t been in trouble since 8 years but kept being turned away for bad backgrounds. Thank you so much and researching now how to do that.

  8. Julie Daniels

    Wonderful update. Finally someone hears the person who genuinely wants a second chance at life. Thank you so very much.

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