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more reentry resourcesWe’ve made some updates to our site over the weekend. To start, there are quite a bit more states up in the Reentry resources section. We’re about halfway finished with each state at the moment. We’re hoping to have a lot more of them finished by the end of the week. This is something that progress on fell very far behind on, and we’re working to fix that.

In addition to the reentry resources, there have been some updates to the employment section. A few new companies have been added, as well as some that were removed. The amount of feedback visitors have sent has been a huge help in maintaining that section. It’s also been especially helpful with the job search engine that we’re working on. If you’re still in the process of finding work and haven’t tried that yet, you should check it out. There are a few kinks we’re working out at the moment in regards to speed, so if it’s incredibly slow for you try back in a few hours. We should have those issues worked out by the end of the day.

There are also a few articles in the works to help with other issues ex-offenders face. This will include things like housing issues, some state specific issues, and credit repair. There may also be some information about grants and starting your own business in the future. We want to be as helpful as possible and these topics are issues we get emails about frequently.

Again, we would like to thank everyone who has helped with the information on this site. Your feedback is invaluable and is a huge help in maintaining this site. All of the information you’ve shared with us about reentry resources as well as companies helps so much. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.[line] [gap size=”10px”] [line]






3 responses to “More Reentry Resources”

  1. Deborah R

    I’m with Shauna… even though this comment is a few years after hers. I have been fired from jobs after someone ran a background check… in places where that information wasn’t asked on the application. It really sucks! It is also difficult to explain to a PO when you are trying to pay restitution or court costs… when you can’t make the payments because you have to live and support your kids, pay for rent, etc… My crime is well over 20 years old and I have since worked in fields ranging from construction to veterinary medicine to banking (yes… banking), but I can’t seem to get a part-time job to make extra $ for the holidays because all the places you can apply on-line (or they make you apply on-line) pull your background checks when you fill out their info. I can’t get past the gate-keeper even for the most menial jobs and it’s really frustrating. I have printed off my resume’ and going to start handing them in person.

  2. shauna bluitt

    Hello there!! I think you guys are totally awesome. It’s a good thing when you have people whom WANT to make the World a better place. I’m currently out of work due to a background check, after five long years with this company. I don’t understand what went down but I think it’s totally unfair. It’s a travesty when Society continues to penalize you for a one bad decision, over and over. Can somebody please point out the Individual who hasn’t made any bad decisions, it’s not possible, that person doesn’t exist. This is why Recidivism hasn’t disappeared, how can it when it appears that I’m set up to fail. Anyhow thanks again for your time and support.

  3. GK Pierson

    Great information, thank you. But we are interested in implementing a first step program within our company. We are a young small business in northern Michigan and believe the type of services we provide are benefiting to exoffenders during transition/re-entry. It would be appreciated if we could be pointed to the direction of starting a “First Step Program” at a Federal and State level in Grand Traverse and surrounding counties. Thank you.

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