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Currently there are a few lawsuits pending against these mugshot websites. Are you having problems with them? If you don’t know, google your name and see what pops up. For some people, especially those with uncommon names, mugshot websites are some of the top results. These sites obtain information on your arrest in a variety of ways, including FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests. They then post your mugshot and other information on their website. The kicker is that you can have this information ‘removed’ from their website for a fee, which is usually in the hundreds or (for multiple arrests) thousands of dollars. The lawsuits that have been filed against these sites are using the angle that the website is using a person’s likeness for profit. I’ll try to keep this blog updated with information on the lawsuits as it becomes available.

Also, Google has released a new search engine algorithm which has tried to address the issue of these mugshot extortion websites. From what I’ve seen, however, the mugshot websites have found a way to get around this and are being listed as a top result again on a Google search. I will also keep you updated on this when new information becomes available.

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