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national project for exoffenders iconThere’s some pretty big things going on at Exoffenders, and I’d like to share some of it with you. To start off, in the little free time I have had, I’ve been working on upgrading the site. The idea was to make it a lot more usable, streamlined, and helpful. Some things in it’s current form are not as accessible as I would like them to be. Most of the changes I’ve been working on are now finished, and it’s almost ready to launch. Exoffenders 2.0, which is what Kay calls it, will launch over the weekend. In this time the site may be down for a few hours, so I will be doing it very late at night. Hopefully it won’t affect many users. All of the helpful content will remain, but it will be a lot easier to access. Also, a lot of updates and additional resources will be added as well.

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EDIT on 7/19/2014: There were some problems during bringing 2.0 online which broke the website. They’re currently being worked on and all the bugs are being ironed out. Hopefully it will be up and ready to go by the end of the weekend. Sorry for the delay.

One of the main features Exoffenders 2.0 will offer is a local-based job hunting feature. This will be offered entirely free, anyone can use it, and should greatly increase any exoffenders chance of finding employment. You’ll be able to find local job possibilities, as well as have new ones emailed to you if you’d like. This feature is about 70% complete, and unfortunately will not be included at the start of Exoffenders 2.0. In the coming weeks they will be added as parts of it are ready to be added. I’m very excited about this, as it is something I’ve always wanted to include on here, but never had the ability to make it work. I’m glad that has changed.

In the works as well is a project aimed at changing the laws and policies affecting exoffenders. This project can really make a difference in creating change across the country. Right now I cannot reveal a lot about this project for a few different reasons. I can say that it will be aimed at employment, social services, and living opportunities for those with a criminal record. It has a great group of people on board from around the country. It also has all the funding it needs, which is great. Currently, we are looking for ex-offenders that are in a 3 hour radius of Cincinnati, OH that may be interested in helping with this.

Some of the larger cities in this area are:

Indianapolis, IN
Fort Wayne, IN
Louisville, KY
Lexington, KY
Dayton, OH
Columbus, OH

If you live in these areas and would like to possibly be part of this project, please use the contact us section and let us know. There will be a section of Exoffenders 2.0 that is dedicated to this project. There you will be able to see updates about it and more details when we can reveal them.

The job skill training section on this site is on hold for now so that myself and others can focus on the national project. If you were following these tutorials, please use the contact us section and let us know. I will personally coach you through everything that wasn’t covered in the classes if you were following them.

Last but not least, I’ve had in the About Me section since Exoffenders started that I wanted to create a non-profit which helps convicted felons. It looks like that is actually a possibility now, and the feeling is just great. It’s been an idea for so long, a goal that I wasn’t sure could be pulled off. Being able to finally work on this is just amazing. I will post an update once the organization is formed to keep everyone informed on the status of this.

To finish, I just want to thank everyone for their support of this website and all of the projects going on. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible.

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  1. I was estatic to find this website which offers resources for them. I’m not an ex-felon but a mother of one. I think it’s sad when a person does the time for a wrong decision they made and our society holds them captive for life if someone doesnt give them a another chance. My hurt aches. Unable to find employment,housing how can you be hopeful or encouraged. I need resources for California,in Los Angeles. I have found many of the programs no longer exist or they are not very instrumental in helping. I jus don’t want to help my love one but others that really want to stay on the right path but just need a hand up. Any information given will be put to good use.
    Trying to help others!

  2. Please email me how I can get more involved!! I have a masters degree in mental health counseling, and I believe I can use it to benefit the huge population of individuals trying to retain their freedom. Thanks!

  3. I am an exoffender also and love what you are doing I am a firm believer in each one teach one, there is a organization that gives exfelons loans through there program, they even have credit building loans, I know 3 exoffenders that have received up to 2 loans each. So maybe this can help you get some funding to aid in your endeavor, and I am also in the process of creating an excellent magazine for exoffenders and what you are creating May can become a great asset feel free to send me an email

  4. I am so glad someone is trying to make a difference for ex offenders such as myself and so many more out their..I live in a little town in Va called Tazewell…work here is wry hard to find especially when your past looks like mine…but I do hope your program can help smaller towns as well as the inner cities…thanks for all your hard work and dedication it will pay off .godbless

  5. God I was so surprised when I got the email about ex being an ex offender I’ve prayed that someone would make it possible for us to obtain employment with out so many shut doors.I live in FT,Worth Tx I pray & hope that your project includes TX as well thank you so much for thinking of us that are not bad people we made bad choices

  6. This Website is an absolute God Send! Thank you for keeping us updated on the current laws, policies, and things in the works.

    I have been unsuccessful in my employment journey, but this website gives me hope & motivation. Keep up the wonderful work!

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