Local Jobs, Updates, and Other Information

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Local jobs for ex-offenders is something that we’ve been trying to work on for a while here. It’s actually something we’ve been trying to add since the site was started back up last year. The problem with having a local jobs section on ex-offenders is the massive amount of manpower it would have required. At least, that’s what we thought. …

national project for exoffenders

Our National Project for Change

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There’s some pretty big things going on at Exoffenders, and I’d like to share some of it with you. To start off, in the little free time I have had, I’ve been working on upgrading the site. The idea was to make it a lot more usable, streamlined, and helpful. Some things in it’s current form are not as accessible as …

Background Reports and the FCRA: The Weiner Law Firm

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It is no surprise that it can be difficult for ex-offenders to obtain and maintain employment because of potential employers’ misconceptions and assumptions.  To combat these issues, one tool in the ex-offenders’ toolbox to ensure that they receive due process in the employment arena is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (the FCRA).  The FCRA is a broad federal law that …

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Resources, Training, and a New Team Member

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Progress on the resources portion of the site is starting to move forward a little quicker. Georgia and New Hampshire are up and California’s resources page should be done pretty soon. Hopefully our visitors from those states can find assistance from one of the resources. There is also a new addition, possibly two, to the Exoffenders.net team! They will be helping …