Job Skills Training – Lesson 1

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[line] [gap size=”10px”] So I’ve completed the first lesson in the job skills training series on web development. It’s a very basic overview of some things. It should lay a foundation for ex-offenders who want to learn this skill. Future lessons will dive deeper into more advanced things. I’m hoping to have at least one lesson done a week, but …

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Free Job Skill Training for Ex-Offenders

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[line] [gap size=”10px”] I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be starting some free job skill training for ex-offenders. I’m a web developer by trade, and my goal with this is to teach ex-offenders some of the things I know. I’m going to start a series of “online classes” and tutorials to teach someone without any knowledge of building …

A Few More Additions to the Site

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[line] [gap size=”10px”] The first thing I’d like to mention is a site-wide addition that you may have already noticed. It’s set up to make it a lot more difficult to copy the information on our site. If you right click on the contents of the site, you’ll get a message that asks you not to copy it. I really …

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Jobs for Felons Page Updated for 2014

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[line] [gap size=”10px”] Our jobs for felons page has been updated a little bit. This isn’t the large update we’ve been working on. Instead, it’s just our recent update to the listings. We try to keep the list as accurate as we can. Because of this, companies are both added and removed. Below you’ll find the newest additions to our …