State Reentry Programs and Assistance

This is our reentry programs and state assistance section. This section is not finished. That is why some states do not have lists. We’re working on creating them, so please bear with us. Our reentry programs and state assistance for ex-offenders section is one of our top priorities.

If you would like to know when your state is listed on here, has a Facebook and Twitter page. We let everyone know when we post updates to the site on them. Whenever we add new reentry programs we post something on them. If you’re not a fan of social media, that’s not a problem! If you subscribe to updates on, you’ll get emails when we add new reentry programs and other things to the site.

We thank you for having patience while we work on building an extensive list of reentry programs and state assistance programs for ex-offenders. Hopefully, the information provided here can lead you to getting the help you need. That is, after all, the purpose of this entire site.

We are trying to help ex-offenders out as much as we can. Our hope is that the information provided in the reentry programs and assistance section can help ex-offender have a better chance to succeed.

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Reentry Programs and State Assistance For Felons List

[gap size=”10px”] Are you a member of a reentry program or organization that would like to see it listed in this section? Please contact us and let us know. We’ll add you to your state’s list as soon as we can.

We used to have voting right information on each states pages. If you’re looking for that, we’ve moved it to here.

The Reentry Programs and State Assistance page was last modified on 7/31/2018.


28 responses to “State Reentry Programs and Assistance”

  1. Doreen Ruggiero

    I have been pen paling inmates for years and
    research reentry housing, jobs and information for
    their success, so please send informaiton that will help
    theses people that did their time and want to become good citizens.
    Some are educated and are ready for work, but have no place
    to live, so picking them up and taking them to a place to live is paramont
    in their success of remaining free.
    Thank you for any information you can offer.
    i already know how they can get free books to read, so my main isnterest is reentry info.

  2. reggy

    Looking forward to updated information, especially for the New York area.

  3. Send an email over to or fill out a contact form with the website url or a way others can get in contact with your organization. That will go to Kay, who’s working on all of the states at the moment. Thanks.

  4. Raul Baez

    How do I get my organization WITO Inc. listed as reentry program in New York City

  5. Keith Sutton

    Well at 47 I’m new to the felon ranks. No previous criminal record; not even a parking ticket. Received sex offender probation for 1 count of simple possession of child porn. I’m not even going to try to explain that one. Bottom line is I have an extensive work history including 20 years in mortgage banking/management with several of those years as a bank VP, 5 years in sales, 5 years in retail and a few years on an ambulance as an EMT. None of that matters now. For the first time in 30 years I am unemployed and have no idea how I will earn a living. I’m in Southeast GA. HELP!

  6. We will get in contact with them and if they allow it we will add them when we finish Oregon. Thanks for the info, it’s very much appreciated! Keep on the right path, sounds like you’re doing great!

  7. Sarah McCallum

    There is a re-entry program in Eugene, Oregon that has been around since 1973. I am living in the program facilities right now. Its called Sponsors Inc. You should check it out. They have excellent re-entry services for men and women getting out of prison. They even help people from the community-on downward departures, involved in drug court like me, get the structure and accountability they need to STAY OUT of going to prison in the first place…if it wasn’t for the help that I have gotten from Sponsors-that’s exactly where I would have ended up. They took me in and gave me a place to live and the things I needed to get out and find a job-and they are going to help me figure out my next living situation-so I can keep my momentum going and stay out of prison. They mainly work with people getting out of state prisons here in Oregon. I’m sure they would love to tell you all about what they do here-call them or you can look them up online. They should definitely be on the Oregon link of re-entry programs.

  8. Lucresia

    What about for sex offenders? I know a guy that is taking care of his daughter he created and the mothers mom forced her to say things when she was young and since its 2 against 1 and noone would believe him. The mother is not in her life leaving him to care for her and work odd jobs. He wants a full time with benefits but due to background theres nothing. Do you have any info on any help? I am in Illinois

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