State Reentry Programs and Assistance

This is our reentry programs and state assistance section. This section is not finished. That is why some states do not have lists. We’re working on creating them, so please bear with us. Our reentry programs and state assistance for ex-offenders section is one of our top priorities.

If you would like to know when your state is listed on here, has a Facebook and Twitter page. We let everyone know when we post updates to the site on them. Whenever we add new reentry programs we post something on them. If you’re not a fan of social media, that’s not a problem! If you subscribe to updates on, you’ll get emails when we add new reentry programs and other things to the site.

We thank you for having patience while we work on building an extensive list of reentry programs and state assistance programs for ex-offenders. Hopefully, the information provided here can lead you to getting the help you need. That is, after all, the purpose of this entire site.

We are trying to help ex-offenders out as much as we can. Our hope is that the information provided in the reentry programs and assistance section can help ex-offender have a better chance to succeed.

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Reentry Programs and State Assistance For Felons List

[line] [gap size=”10px”] Are you a member of a reentry program or organization that would like to see it listed in this section? Please contact us and let us know. We’ll add you to your state’s list as soon as we can.

We used to have voting right information on each states pages. If you’re looking for that, we’ve moved it to here.

The Reentry Programs and State Assistance page was last modified on 7/31/2018.

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  1. Is there a link for Florida? I’ve been out for a year and 2 months. I’m not on parole nor probation. I have possession of cocaine charge and it’s hard for me to find a job in my area.

  2. thank you California and i know a felon that works as a custodian and on parole i guess its who you know

  3. Norma has only information for the sate of Virginia. Noted for those of you like myself that thought I would be getting assistance for any state. To save all of our time it’s for the state of Virginia (common Wealth of Virginia) one in the same.

  4. I, like Andrew and others need a link for a particular state, Michigan is the state I need the information for state assistance. Please, a link for Michigan.

  5. Hi: I am a Employment Specialist who helps people with various disabilities find employment. Most individuals have records, how effective is this site? Is there any history of ex-offenders make substainal earnings?
    NOrma Realpe

  6. Are you still following up on this blog? My son is in prison and is involved in an opportunity that may grant him early release for two crimes committed as a juvenile. This is a wonderful site, but I don’t see much since 2011. Please don’t quit; people need you.

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