Florida Reentry Programs and Assistance


Our Florida reentry program list is a work in progress. We’re always looking for more programs to add to it. If your Florida reentry program is not listed on here, contact us if you’d like it to be. We’ll review your program as soon as we can. If we feel it’s a good addition to our Florida reentry programs page, we’ll add it. Exoffenders.net is not affiliated in any way with the programs & organizations listed here.

Please contact us if there are any issues with an Florida reentry program listed here. We try to keep this page as up to date as possible. Sometimes we do miss things though, and appreciate them being pointed out.

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Florida Reentry Programs and Assistance

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FDOC Reentry Resources Directory – “About 190 pages worth of different Florida reentry programs & resources. Due to the amount of resources for Florida found on this page, I just going to list this page instead of listing each one individually. You can sort by county, city, or your zip code.”

WorkForce Central Florida – “We understand that as an ex-offender you may face obstacles when trying to reenter the workforce. To help you overcome these obstacles, WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA (WCF) offers workshops just for you, the “Ex-Offender Overview.”

Project 180 – “Project 180, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a reentry program for male prisoners in Florida. Our goal is to reduce the impact of repeat offenders upon public safety, public spending, Florida families and individual lives.”

2nd Chance – “2nd Chance Mental Health Center is a licensed intensive outpatient treatment center for those who are diagnosed with mental health, substance abuse, or who are dually diagnosed. Using Cognitive Behavioral therapies, 2nd Chance provides a total Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) program.”

Remar USA – This is a ministry located in Clewiston, Miami, and Lakeland. Remar USA helps people with drug and alcohol problems, as well as people who have issues in their lives which have caused them to be homeless. Remar USA offers a long term program in which people are welcome to stay indefinitely, so there is no need to live on the streets. They provide housing, food and Christian ministry.[line] [gap size=”20px”] [line]

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Exoffenders.net is not affiliated in any way with the programs & organizations listed here.

This Florida Reentry Programs page was last updated on 8/26/2016.

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12 responses to “Florida Reentry Programs and Assistance”

  1. Tammy Watson

    My name is Tammy Watson and I am Navigator with the University of South Florida’s Covering Florida Navigator Project. Our program, at the USF College of Public Health, assists individuals and families with enrolling in health care coverage programs, such as the Health Insurance Marketplace, Florida Kidcare, Medicaid, and other community based resources. We also conduct public education, provide referrals to social service agencies, and assist with troubleshooting complicated health insurance issues. We are required to be unbiased, trained in cultural competency, and all of our services are free.

  2. April Bailey

    Tammy and Madeline where are you ladies in your endeavours? I have a non profit and working to provide a re-entry program.

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