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Georgia Reentry Programs and Assistance Information

Georgia Reentry Partnership Housing – Re-Entry Partnership Housing (RPH) is a means to provide housing to convicted felons who remain in prison after the Parole Board has authorized their release due solely to having no residential options.

Reentry Project, Inc. – “Re-Entry Project [Cobb County, GA.] impacts our community by lending a helping hand to young men between the ages of 20-29 years old who served time in state prisons or local jails for a period not exceeding 5 years for offenses classified as misdemeanors and some felonies not involving manslaughter, gun related offenses, drug trafficking and child molestation charges.”

Center for Opportunity – An initiative that has been around since July of 2013. It’s goal is to curb Georgia’s high rate of recidivism through evidence based solutions.

United Way Atlanta – As one of the leading nonprofit organizations in the country, United Way of Greater Atlanta raises around $80 million annually and invests in more than 140 programs that bring measurable results to our 13-county region.[line]



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