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The Indiana reentry program and assistance page is a big work in progress. We try to keep our eyes out for more programs to add to the page. If your Indiana reentry program is not listed here, please contact us if you would like it to be. Your program will be reviewed as soon as possible once we receive it. If we feel that it is a good addition to our Indiana reentry programs page, we will add it.

Also, please contact us if there are any issues with a Indiana reentry program that is listed here. We do try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but we’re not perfect. Sometimes we do miss things, and appreciate them being pointed out to us. We will fix issues as soon as we find them or they are brought to our attention.

If you are looking for information on voting with a felony in Indiana, please look on our Voting Rights page. That page has a list of all 50 states’ laws regarding ex-offender voting rights.[line]

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Indiana Reentry Programs and Assistance

PACE – Pace, or Public Advocates in Community Re-Entry, provides assistance to anyone with a criminal record. They offer a variety of reentry services to help ex-offenders transition back into society successfully.

Through the Gate – A faith-based program for women that provides housing, training, food and clothes.

RecycleForce – This organization, located in Indianapolis, assists with temporary employment while teaching things like character development and job skills. The organization is a non-profit recycling service, and the money they generate from their business goes towards helping ex-offenders.

SPA – A faith-based program in Elkhart for women only.

Tri-State Mens Center – Located in Evansville, the Brother’s Keeper prison ministry is a faith-based program. It focuses on job search, spiritual guidance, and becoming self reliant.

CEO – Churches Embracing Offenders works with non-violent ex-offenders during their reentry process. They have multiple services that address the behavioral problems ex-offenders can face.

VoA Indiana – Volunteers of America has been helping ex-offenders with community corrections programs for a long time. In Indiana, they offer workforce development and behavioral counseling. These services are located in both Indianapolis and Evansville.

New Leaf – New Leaf provides services to Monroe County Jail inmates, both while incarcerated and during their reentry.

Gomer Inc. – A non-profit organization for women only. Their goal is to rehabilitate formerly incarcerated women so that they may succeed in their reentry.

Dismas House – A program that helps ex-offenders with jobs and much more.

Blue Jacket – Formed in 2003,  they provide opportunities and tools for ex-offenders to find employment.[line] is not affiliated in any way with the programs & organizations listed here. This page was last updated on 3/29/2015.
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  1. The YWCA has full services for women–housing, employment, counseling, and etc. All of these services are free.

  2. My son is going to face the same reaction. I, too, am looking for information as to safe housing in an area where he can find employment. Thanks for bringing that up.

  3. I am glad to see that there is an organization out there that does believe in people, or at least, that believes people can change. I am an exoffender. The thing I would like to see, is help on getting myself established in a home. I have never been turned away from a rental in the past, but now, all I repeatedly hear is: There will be a $25.00 application fee. And then to get the returned call of “I’m sorry, we cannot accept you, due to the background check coming back as criminal”. And i’m out $25.00. I do have a job, Just can’t find myself a home. Can anybody help?

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