Maryland Reentry Programs and Assistance


Our Maryland reentry program list is a work in progress. We’re always looking for more programs to add to it. If your Maryland reentry program is not listed on here, contact us if you’d like it to be. We’ll review your program as soon as we can. If we feel it’s a good addition to our Maryland reentry programs page, we’ll add it. is not affiliated in any way with the programs & organizations listed here.

Please contact us if there are any issues with an Maryland reentry program listed here. We try to keep this page as up to date as possible. Sometimes we do miss things though, and appreciate them being pointed out.

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maryland reentry programs

Maryland Reentry Programs and Assistance

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Jericho Reentry Program – This is a 1 year program that helps males who are returning home from incarceration.

VOA Chesapeake Residential Reentry Center – Volunteers of America Chesapeake’s re-entry center, which is located in Baltimore, MD. This is a residential program that assists both men and women in their re-entry process.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Washington – The Archdiocese of Washington helps ex-offenders in their transition back into society. Their goal is to prevent returning citizens from going back to their former way of life.

DHCDC Reentry – This program provides reentry services for education, housing, employment, life skills, mental health services, and much more. There are programs for both males and females.

Montgomery County Reentry Resources –  This is the reentry services webpage for Montgomery County, MD. There are a lot of services and information that ex-offenders can take advantage of listed here.

Baltimore City Employment Development – The Baltimore mayor’s office of employment development webpage is a great place to find opportunities and information that can help ex-offenders get on the right track.

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The Maryland Reentry Programs and Assistance Information page was last updated 8/26/2016.

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2 responses to “Maryland Reentry Programs and Assistance”

  1. Jack Reitnauer

    I have several employees on a work-release program from Cecil County jail. I have hired some of these people full time upon their release from jail. What, if any is my company’s liability for the ex-offenders? If there is a liability, how can I protect the company and still employ some of these folks?

  2. Tyrone Friedman Jr

    My name is Tyrone Friedman and I’m the Youth Organizer with CLIA, a non-profit based in Baltimore. CLIA leads the Just Kids Campaign which gives young people and families who have been directly impacted by the criminal justice system the opportunity to train and work as advocates for statewide system reform that benefits other young people, families, and communities.

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