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Our New Hampshire reentry program list is a work in progress. We’re always looking for more programs to add to it. If your New Hampshire reentry program is not listed on here, contact us if you’d like it to be. We’ll review your program as soon as we can. If we feel it’s a good addition to our New Hampshire reentry programs page, we’ll add it. is not affiliated in any way with the programs & organizations listed here.

Please contact us if there are any issues with an New Hampshire reentry program listed here. We try to keep this page as up to date as possible. Sometimes we do miss things though, and appreciate them being pointed out.

The New Hampshire reentry programs page used to have voting information. This was moved to our Voting Rights page.[line]

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New Hampshire Reentry Programs and Assistance Information

Keystone Hall – A non-profit organization that has offender re-entry outpatient services.

CRJ Hampshire House – A residential reentry center for the Federal Prison Bureau. This is for both men and women.

Headrest, Inc. – This organization provides various different programs, such as transitional living, outpatient services, support groups, and a lot more.

Drug & Mental Health Courts – This is not a reentry program, but this link could be useful to some. It is a listing of the drug and mental health court programs in the state of New Hampshire.

NH CLU – The New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union. This is another resource that could be of assistance to ex-offenders.

NH Works – NH Works is a resource for those looking for jobs. They have 13 locations in New Hampshire, as well as an online job search tool that has local opportunities. This isn’t exclusively for ex-offenders, so there may be background restrictions on opportunities.

Human Rights Watch – A directory of additional prison resources in New Hampshire.[line]




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