South Carolina Reentry Programs and Assistance


The South Carolina reentry program and assistance page is a big work in progress. We try to keep our eyes out for more programs to add to the page. If your South Carolina reentry program is not listed here, please contact us if you would like it to be. Your program will be reviewed as soon as possible once we receive it. If we feel that it is a good addition to our South Carolina reentry programs page, we will add it.

Also, please contact us if there are any issues with a South Carolina reentry program that is listed here. We do try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but we’re not perfect. Sometimes we do miss things, and appreciate them being pointed out to us. We will fix issues as soon as we find them or they are brought to our attention.

If you are looking for information on voting with a felony in South Carolina, please look on our Voting Rights page. That page has a list of all 50 states’ laws regarding ex-offender voting rights.[line]

south carolina reentry programs

South Carolina Reentry Programs and Assistance

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Hearts for Inmates – HEART provides short and long term support for currently and previously incarcerated people. They have mentor programs, faith based programs, and other services that help ex-offenders.

Magdalene House of Charleston – Magdalene provides women with a safe and stable living environment as well as various forms of therapy options and employment resources.

Alston Wilkes Society – The Community Service Program of the AWS serves all 46 counties of South Carolina. They assist many people, including ex-offenders, rebuild their lives and become productive members of society.

SC STRONG – STRONG stands for Sustaining, teaching, rebuilding our new generation. Their mission is to rehabilitate ex-offenders and people with substance abuse problems become self-sufficient. They do this by teaching vocational skills, interpersonal skills, and other things.

Battered But Not Broken – This organization works with ex-offenders, providing things like job training, counseling, education, and a lot more.

Angels Charge Ministry – Serving female ex-offenders in Spartanburg County, helping them rebuild their lives after incarceration.

Soteria CDC – They provide a lot of different services to returning citizens. Some of these are transitional housing, transportation, employment, and financial training.

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This South Carolina Reentry Programs page was last updated on 8/24/2016.

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  1. My husband did 4 years and trying to find a job. What program could we go to that will help him? We live in Greenwood sc

  2. Im looking for a place that will help out our son who is being released Sat. Morning. 3/18/17
    He has a job lined up in Greenville Sc but hoping to get him on where my husband works which is also in Greenville SC. So he will at least have transportation as well as some support from a few friends. He has alot on him when he steps out: Child Support,Probation,Restitution Fees,Getting Probation transferred from one state to here,Car,place to live,work on getting visitation with his son after getting himself in order , etc…I fear our son will not make it without help. We tried helping him before all this at the he was on saboxen but did not work out at all. Can someone help him please?

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