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So I’ve started undertaking the project of putting resources by each state. It’s going to have a completely separate page from the current “Resources” one as that will be used primarily for online blogs, forums, and the like such as this. I feel that this blog could be a great stop for ex-offenders trying to obtain employment or assistance. Doing a google search on some felon-related help topics all I find are random garbage, filled with Ads and trying to get you to join silly websites to make 5 dollars a month. Or they’re just straight up scams.  So I’m going to undertake the massive task of listing each states assistance programs, complete with links directly to the website, and addresses. It’s going to take a while, as I have to research each state individually. I’ll be starting in alphabetical order so if you live in Alabama, you’re in luck. Wyoming however, it’s going to be a while.

I thank everyone who has checked out my site in the past, and for the positive feedback that people have given it thus far. The only thing I ask is that if you have a friend or family member that’s struggling to overcome the roadblocks of reentry into society, please refer them here. Its always appreciated. Now, I shall start researching assistance programs in Alabama.

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  1. My fiance is incarcerated in CA. He wants to come back to Idaho and so he needs to get an interstate compact agreement so that he can get paroled here. Problem is, he needs a letter stating that he has a permanent job here before he gets out. He had a problem getting a job when he was here before he got transferred back to CA. Any ideas?

  2. I have a felony conviction that is 9 years old and my spouse has one that is 5 years old. We live in Long Beach, CA and can’t find work. All the programs seem to be for people on parole or one year out from their conviction. Does anyone know when a felony no longer shows up on a background check? Does anyone know of any jobs??? We don’t have degrees, but we are hard workers willing to put in a honest days work and have a normal life. Thank you for any insight or suggestions you might have.

  3. Hello. Andre here. I am here in Reno Nv. I am thankful for everything. I would like to find out? If any jobs hire with crimnal backgrounds. Trying to work. Not be on the food stamp line. I belive in working. Please help. Thank you. I will relocate if need to. Email me. If there is trucking jobs for felons as well.

  4. If the felony was at least 5 years in the past, you may be able to have it removed. You have to apply at the court that gave you the felony. There are online resources that have the paperwork to have it dismissed, but it is awkward and hard to understand. Attorney’s are helpful, but most ex-felons cannot afford an attorney. Try Legal Aid. I know this is not the best solution, but most farms, trucking companies(yard hands), some construction, restaurants, and other physical labor jobs do not check. A job is better than no job, and if you can keep that job for a few years, have a stable lifestyle, and not get into anymore trouble, you can prove to a future employer that you have gotten past that phase in your life. Also, try Work Force Development agencies in your area. Goodwill is nationwide, and they provide services for ex-offenders. Go back to school or get a certification. Do not do anything with healthcare or education, as these are positions where no matter what education you have, you cannot get a position with a felony. There are tax credits provided by the federal government that will give an employer a tax credit for hiring you. Check with your local mental health organization if you are having a hard time adjusting. I work for a Mental Health organization as an Employment Specialist, helping people with mental health issues find jobs, as it helps with stability and overcoming depression or anxiety. Most mental health services do not offer this service, but check if you are attending a local CMH. Improve yourself. Don’t let the depression of unemployment, lack of money get you back into trouble. Get up everyday, shower, dress nicely and hit the pavement looking for employment. Update your resume. In applications, when asked about criminal history, be honest, but state how you have changed your life, how much a job would mean to you. DO NOT LIE, even if it is one of omission. If they ever do run a background, they can fire you for lying. DO NOT WRITE, “I will explain in an interview”! As a past employer myself, those go into the trash, because if it is that bad that you can’t write it down, my imagination will make up something seriously bad, and than you are not going to waste my time telling me in an interview. Volunteer. If you volunteer, people will see you giving your time to a good cause. They see you work. They don’t know your history. They get to know you on a personal level. It’s networking. For example, Joe Smith is the coordinator for the charity you are volunteering for. You guys get a long great. Joe just happens to own his own small company, or knows someone who does. He recommends you to his friends, or hires you himself. Why? Because he has gotten to know you on a personal level. Take what you can get for now. It is easier to get a job once you have a job. Everybody makes mistakes. How you handle that mistake is up to you. I will try to check back here regularly to answer questions.

  5. My Name is John. I am having a hard time finding employment. I was convicted of 2 different Battery charges, in the past year. 1 of which was a Felony.

  6. En el 2010 llo trabajava en un taller de atlantic av y despues de trabajar una semana entera de lunes a sabado solo me pago 50 dolares con la excusa de que me iba a pagar el resto la otra semana la cual llego y no me pagao

  7. I relocated to Arizona. I am working for the a program in partnership with Workforce Services. I am a career guidance specialist in a new state trying to assist ex-felons with employment. We provide training assistance and after they graduate, job research begins.

  8. great thought. i pray you can get it all worked out. i believe we should prove to the companies, that not only are they getting competent and skilled workers,but also loyal workers. we do that by joining with our fellow ex-cons and only patronize the companies that will include us in society. its a lot of us out here and our dollar can be powerful if we ban it together. it doesnt take much when you have many. again thanks for starting this website, i will pass it around.

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