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Our resources for felons section was created to provide you with additional help. We try to keep our lists as updated as possible. Unfortunately, there are some things we just cannot do. We created our resources for felons page to help. Here you will find other websites that may be of assistance to you. This is sort of a page of resources that really don’t have a place anywhere else on the site. If you’re looking for available resources for felons, this might have something for you. If you feel something should be on this page that isn’t, please let us know.

These resources aren’t just related to employment. We add programs and companies to our resources for felons list that we feel can help. Also, we’ve added other sites either for ex-offenders or created by ex-offenders. Please check them out and give them your support as well! There is also a few books on this page that ex-offenders will find helpful.

resources for felons

Online Resources


LegalMatch – A lot of people ask us legal questions that we just can’t answer. We aren’t lawyers, and we can’t give you legal advice. This is a website where you can find a local lawyer if you need representation. You write what you’re seeking representation for, and lawyers will contact you. – This is a site that helps credit reporting and repair.

Local Saver – If you’re on a budget, you know that every little bit counts. LocalSaver is a coupon website that works with over 10,000 local businesses across the US. It’s completely free to use and they have a mobile app as well.

Monster – This is one of the largest employment websites in the world. It’s a great tool for people trying to find a job or career.

SnagaJob – SnagaJob is another great online resource for finding employment.




The Ex-Offender’s Job Hunting Guide: 10 Steps to a New Life in the Work World – This book saved me. I got a copy of it when I was in a reentry program from a family member. It is so amazingly useful for people that are nearing their release. It prepares a person with a criminal record for what they’re going to have to face in a job search. I highly recommend this book.

Support Programs for Ex-Offenders: A State-By-State Directory – This is an amazingly helpful book written by Harry Spiller. If you’re struggling to find help, I would recommend giving this a read.

Beyond Bars: Rejoining Society After Prison – Another really good resource for ex-offenders. It covers a lot of things that we encounter when we leave confinement. It’s written very well.

Jobs For Felons – Written by Michael Ford, it has helped out quite a bit of our sites visitors in the past. I’m sure it will continue to do so as well.


Other Ex-Offender Related Websites


Felon Opportunities – A site with information on jobs and housing, as well as additional resources for felons. The site has a lot of good information broken down by state.

Freedom 4 Felonz – A great site run by another ex-offender who took charge of his life and became his own boss. He’s involved in numerous different online ventures that he makes a living from. The best part about this site is that he wants to help you learn how to do it too! If you’re interested in working for yourself from home, definitely check Freedom4Felonz out.

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The Resources for Felons page was last updated on 8/22/2016.


12 responses to “Resources for Felons”

  1. Pat

    Being a felon is an extremely tricky road to traverse. Depending upon your state; resources can be very minimal towards escaping recidivism. I’ve been out of prison 5.5 years and it has been extremely difficult to be successful in the area of employment.

    I completed a 7 month residential drug & alcohol program in prison. I’ve completed my probation successfully. I’ve voluntarily participated in various community-based non-profit programs designed to make felons more succeworker. I became a certified electrostatic painter.

    I paid $5,000 to become a certified life coach and corporate business trainer and speaker. I became certified as logistics technician as well as already possessing an undergrad and MBA. I am also a decorated Veteran under 50. I am an expert in employment seeking and job interviewing as well as understanding what employers look for in an applicant. I attend job fairs, research employers and numerous sites like this for info and insights. I’ve been a snow shoveler, a warehouse picker/packer, a chemical applicator and construction worker.

    With all my experience and education – all employers and HR staff saw was erased after I informed them of my felony conviction.

    I’m taking this experience and knowledge to attempt to address the lack of help for felons to perhaps start a non-profit. That will be another challenge I suspect. I’m definitely better off than prior to prison, but its defintely no thanks to the system stacked against those who’ve made mistakes.

    The punishment, bias and black-listing should end when you’ve served your time and paid your resitution; demonstrating your rehabilitation, remorse and be allowed to become reconciled to your community NOT given a permanent scarlet letter!

  2. my son is getting out next year. would like to help him along to a better life.It is really hard for them to get on track with a felony.The state and government needs felony forgiveness programs for those who want a better life and prove themselves. Would lower crime rate and more tax payers

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