Explanation of Scores

One of the new things that was added to the site is the overall user rating for companies. This was done to give a better idea of how ex-offenders fare with them. The overall user rating score is entirely based off of user feedback that we have received. This is sort of a visual representation of negative vs. positive feedback we’ve received regarding the company. The percentage factors in a few different parts of feedback, but for the most part is just an average.

For example, if we received only positive feedback about a company, their score would be 100%:

[skill_bar heading=”Overall User Rating” percent=”100%”]

If we received 100 positive and 100 negative feedback submissions, the score would be 50%:

[skill_bar heading=”Overall User Rating” percent=”50%”]

And so on and so forth. Now, you won’t ever see a company with a 50% score on our site. We usually remove companies that fall below around 70%. There are sometimes some special circumstances for this, but those would be explained on the page next to the rating.

At the moment there is only 1 score, which is the overall user rating. In the near future, one or two more in-depth scores will be added for individual companies. Also, this process is going to become a lot more streamlined very soon, with the scores updating in real time. Whenever feedback is received on a company, it will be added (or subtracted) from the overall score instantly. This page will be updated when each of these are finished, to explain those elements in more detail.

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