Second Chance Jobs for Felons in 2016

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second chance jobs for felons

There is a lot of things happening here at We’ve been doing a lot of work to our second chance jobs for felons section of the site. In addition to that, there are now re-entry resources for all 50 states. This was something the original creator of the site was working on but never finished. While it will never really be finished with new programs starting up and others closing down, we’ve done our best to build a comprehensive list.

We have gone through the huge backlog of comments dating back to April. There won’t be a delay like that ever again.

The local job search engine has had some modifications made to it and it should be a lot faster now. There’s going to be a lot of work done on that in the next week, so it might be unavailable at times. Hopefully this won’t last more than 10 to 15 minutes. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been able to fix a lot of the issues it was having and improve the potential jobs it was showing.

We’ve done a lot of work on our second chance jobs page based on your feedback. This is our main concern with this site, and we want to provide the most accurate information we can to returning citizens.

The companies that were added in the past week or so are the ones below:

  • Michaels
  • Eintein
  • Foot Locker
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Harris Teeter
  • Papa Johns
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • General Motors
  • Walgreens
  • Dillards

We’ve also removed a couple companies. These are Wholefoods and Hilton.

The last thing we’re working on is finishing up an education section with resources and information for ex-offenders wanting to go to school. This will have information about grants and what not that are available to ex-offenders. We’ll also have some information up about how to get your GED if you’re interested in doing that.


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  1. I just want to say that I completed 2 years probation for a white collar crime. I was referred to the deferred adjudication program because I did not have a criminal record. I found an employer who was willing to give me 2nd chance because I told them upfront what they would find before they did my background check. I’m currently looking for a part time job but I find these employers are not in the 2nd chance business. Even though the charge is pending dismissal because its a class 1 felony I’m still getting denied for jobs. Even independent contractor ones. Im highly educated and prior to the charge has long work history plus I’m a US Army Vet. I’m being penalized for 1 mistake but I I will keep praying and trying my best. I know someone will help me. I’m glad I found this site.

  2. The site is some what helpful, However is there anyone going after the root of the problem of felons getting a fair chance in a legal or constitutional aspect, the problem is the background checks, and the board member of ALEC who lobby, push, bribe, or what ever it takes to get into law what they can profit from, in which in this case being Background checks, the corporations such as Walmart are getting tax breaks to conduct background checks and refuse employment to a felon no matter how long its been or if it is not indirectly related to the position he or she has applied for which is stated by federal law, walmart claims the refusal to hire felons falls under their code of ethics policy being a family store, how ever by being a member of ALEC constitutes not ethics at all, and is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors to cover their asses to discriminate. So what is ex offender or any group that claims to help felons really doing this is the issues and the help that every felon needs to get ahead.

  3. Just want to say Thank you for taking the time to post this info, as I am someone with a conviction and it is something of an experience trying to find employment in this community with a record. Keep up the helpful work.

  4. Great job! Keep up the good work, you all are appreciated. I was wondering is it possible that the jobs you all list could have a link to the stores application? Just a thought. Thanks and God Bless all of you

  5. this is awesome. I have a job here at Camillus House; but I have friends from prison that are definately in need of your services. Thank you so much; may god bless all that you do!
    Sincerely, Cafe

  6. Dear Ex-Offenders:

    Great job in working in this area. As an ex-offender, I have been able to network with so-called “Second Chance Employers” in Washington State. If an ex-offender has some basic skills i,e. welding, fabrication, wastewater, electrical, and is willing to work hard, then some employers are willing to take a chance. They do not broadcast the fact that they are a “Second Chance Employer”. But are willing to offer employment.

  7. 3_year probation is over next month. It’s been a long journey I must say. I never have been in trouble with the law before. People went to prison over and over again strike 1 strike 2 strike 3.I do something wrong automatically strike 3.I finally was hired after month’s and month’s of crying and praying.I know I will never commit another crime I pray I can get it expunged off my records. But I can never work as a corrections officer!I wish I can be a role model to someone else. We do things when times get hard like I had a stroke I was about to lose my house for non payment. My dad paid my house payment for 6 month until I had my Social Security started. My daughter came to me crying saying that she was pregnant and don’t know what to do.I was crying I told her I don’t believe in abortions and I would help her raise the baby. He is now 12 years old and he’s so smart and handsome he calls me Nana.I been there since day one.

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