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Sorry for the lack of the updated information I’ve said I would put on this site. I’ve had some computer problems and had to wipe the entire thing and do a fresh install. Was a lot of fun, lemme tell ya. So now I’m back to working on state-by-state information for people with criminal records. I’m hoping to have all states done within the month, but please bear with me as it’s harder to research states I’m not familiar with. If you have any information on states please feel free to post them in a comment and I will review them.

Thanks to everyone who’s viewed the site. This place has had about 200 hits in 4 days, which is pretty good in my book.

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  1. Just pled guilty to felony (failure to report/neglect minor) in June. Having a lot of trouble finding job to support my kids. Any info you have would be appreciated.

  2. Looking at the list of jobs that hire felons and it appears to be pretty old. Do you have any updates?

  3. Having trouble finding a job been rejected numerous times since 10/2012 beenworking since 2008. I have numerous drug misdermenor convictions last job hired me now seems like no one will .live in balto md needing your help.

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