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So if you’re reading this, chances are that you or someone you know and love is an ex-offender. I am too, so we have something in common already. There are many roadblocks that will prevent ex-offenders from successfully reintegrating themselves back into society. This blog hopes to address the majority of those roadblocks, with proven ways on how to get over them. Ex-offenders are one of the most disenfranchised groups in the US. We have a lack of rights, a massive burden, and very little assistance in overcoming our problems. Any assistance that we might obtain, we usually have to jump through hoops and over hurdles to get to.

But fear not, for this blog will flourish into a wealth of information for how you can put your past behind you. You’re here, and that is the first step towards building a better life for tomorrow.

Currently the Resources section is not complete. The Employment section has a good list of jobs, but you’ll have to google search the actual company until I link everything up.  Everything else on the site should have content on it. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I hear on the News how they talk right about making ways for ex to get jobs even congressmen, I think its just a matter of time, before this comes to the top and we just stop being judge all over again as if we don’t have family to support. Keep your heads up…

  2. finally a page to help us.I was arrested and charged with domestic assult.I am still with my wife have great work experience but due to this I can’t get work

  3. Well I am an ex felon all over 15 yrs old. I have 16 years clean and sober, and have a BA in Sociology as well as multiple certificates and course work in IT….I also have a decent resume on paper. I got on SSI a long time ago, because of my epilepse., After college and the economic crash in 08 just gave up…I survive, but am more scared to get off SSI. . I would rather stay where I am than take a job at Mac donalds ect… Is working for any government agency closed to me or getting a decent high paying job just closed?

  4. I am doing research for my brother whom is currently incarcerated and will be released soon. I am going to personally question some of the companies listed in my local area to see how “supportive” they truly are. I will post my findings once complete, and hopefully I will bring hope to others. Wish me luck!

  5. If anybody has any success stories stemming from the Employment list or one of the companies therein, it would probably be greatly appreciated encouragement to those who have not yet landed one.

  6. great site, good idea, I have the same story, although no job yet., Are people like me never allowed to have the American Dream.? , Never served a day in prison, but my background has foolish charges. Learned my lesson, and now still feel like I’m in a deep whole trying to get out.
    Keep the info coming!!!!!

  7. This is a great site, I hope it keeps growing. The employment list is great, I’ve been looking for a felon friendly employment list for a really long time. No one seemed to have an up to date list of companies that hired felons tho, so thank you for that.

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