Update on the Mugshot Websites Lawsuit

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mugshot websites iconI just wanted to give a little update about the mugshot websites lawsuit, as well as some other pertinent information about the mugshot websites. There seems to be pretty good news on the horizon. The first comes out of Texas in the form of SB 1289. I’ve provided a link so you can read up on it a bit, but please understand that you still need to call your local representatives if you’re in Texas and let them know you support this. This really goes for all US citizens, call your local representatives and voice your concern about these extortion websites.

Ohio residents may be able to be a part of a class action lawsuit against these companies. Ciolek LTD, who is the firm behind the mugshot websites lawsuit, is combating the issue of these mugshot websites with a class action lawsuit, which you can read more about by clicking here as well as complete a form to receive further information from them. I’d highly suggest contacting them if you’re in Ohio and are having problems with these mugshot websites. Additionally, you can always use Avvo.com to find a lawyer that might be able to help you with this. I think a lot of lawyers would take cases that were legitimate for no upfront cost, they’d just take a percentage of your award if you won. It’s worth looking into in my opinion, might as well get in on the mugshot websites lawsuit opportunity and collect damages from them.

Google seems to still be trying to combat the problem with their new Hummingbird Algorithm. In addition, a lot of payment services and credit card companies have moved away from processing payments for these extortion sites. There looks to be light at the (somewhat near) end of the tunnel in the fight against these extortionists. We’ll keep you updated on any news we find on these mugshot websites.





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