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welcome to our new websiteWelcome to our new website! I was getting a little limited on what I could do with free hosting, so I decided to just pay a little bit of money and register a domain as well as get standard hosting. Everything from the old WordPress site has been moved over here (including comments!)

There will only be one large change, which should be coming in a few days, which is a redesign of the website.

Other than that, the following has either already been implemented or is being implemented currently:


  • More detailed information on employers, such as restrictions and hiring processes.
  • A completely new Work At Home (WAH) section that will have WAH jobs that are felon friendly. (You’d be surprised how many don’t do background checks)
  • State-by-state assistance. This one will most likely be the last on the list and will be an ongoing process. (I’m actually looking for help on this)
  • A few of my methods to making money online. You might not be able to make a career out of it, but it can help while you’re trying to find a stable job.

Stay tuned for more information, and once again, welcome to the new website!

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  2. I am a case manager at a state Workforce office. The Workforce Investment Act is a federal program managed by the states. There are Workforce offices throughout the country and most anyone reading this blog would be near one. There are 15 in Virginia and our office is in area 7, Central Virginia, Our office is physically located in Lynchburg, VA. I conduct a job search program in our office specific to ex-offenders called “Return, Learn, and Earn!”. It is a six week program, one hour per week, and you can start on any Wednesday (program runs from 11am-Noon). All that is required is registration with the Workforce office. I imagine many of the other offices may have similar programs. They can help you with education scholarships and finding a job.

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